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Tag Archives: #WashYourBags

PET: A Great Material for Recycled Shopping Bags

With increasing trends towards sustainability and conscious consumerism, there is a huge demand for reusable bags that are made responsibly. We get a lot of inquiries about recycled shopping bags, so we’re highlighting two popular bags that are made with recycled materials, like PET!

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. It’s a plastic resin and the most common type of polyester. You can find PET in many things, including food and drink containers. The great thing about PET is that it can be recycled and used again in new products…like reusable shopping bags! Continue reading

Bagito Deluxe Grande: A Real Life Honest Staff Review

Bagito Deluxe GrandeI’m a bag person. Hey, it happens when you spend more than a dozen years working for a .com that specializes in custom reusable bags! With all the bags I see and test, the fact that I am actually gushing about one really says a lot. But I promise you, when you get your hands on our Bagito Deluxe Grande, you’ll totally get it.

Bagito is one of our retail brand lines. That means that even though you’re ordering from us in bulk with your messaging printed on the side, you’re still getting the exact same bags that you would be if you picked one up at your local store! We love that this brand donates a meaningful percentage of their proceeds directly to their sister non-profit Power2Sustain, which supports K-12 environmental literacy, and we love the high quality materials and construction that go into all of their bags. Continue reading

What’s New in 2017 with Promotional Bags?

We’ve just returned from our annual trek to the largest industry trade show of the year. In addition to walking more than 6 miles (!) of trade show floor, we spent the week brainstorming ways to make 2017 our clients’ best year ever! There are some pretty great things happening with promotional bags, and we are excited to be the first to tell you about them!

Here are our top three discoveries from the event that will transform your next branding project:  Continue reading

#WashYourBags To Win A Bag!

washyourbags-finalRenewed interests in the “studies” claiming reusable grocery bags are causing illness (and even—gasp—death) are driving us crazy. You just can’t believe everything you read—especially when a group with financial interest in the plastic bag industry is involved in its funding and/or administration!   While the plastics industry would like us to believe that going back to single-use plastic bags is the only solution, we all know that reusable bags do NOT cause illness.

To spread the word about washing your reusable bags, Bulletin Bag [.com] is giving away 100 cotton reusable bags!  The rules are simple, and entering will ultimately help the environment. Just tweet your pledge to #WashYourBags to us @baglady207. If you’re not on Twitter yet, just sign up and follow @BagLady207 (that’s us!). C’mon…let’s put an end to scare tactics designed to get us to switch back to plastic bags!

FMI, visit the contest info page here.

Reusable Cotton Tote Bags: Why We Love Them

thoughtfully_committed_citizens.jpgNow that our #WashYourBags Twitter campaign is underway, we wanted to share why we chose a cotton bag for our giveaway item.

Cotton is by far our favorite reusable bag material, in part because cotton is machine washable and dryer safe. And, since we know you’re washing your reusable bags regularly, it’s doesn’t get much easier than that! Cotton is also a strong, durable, renewable resource that is widely available in the USA and abroad.

We have chosen to give away our Made in USA Cotton Canvas Bag because it exemplifies our message about always cleaning your reusable bags, and because our USA-made reusable bags are of exceptional quality.

Continue reading

Reusable Bags Do Not Cause Illness

paper_plastic_neither_bagIf you’re like us, you’re getting tired of “studies” that make reusable grocery bags out to be nasty breeding grounds for every gross germ in the universe and the reason why plastic is better. The thing that really makes you sick? Not using common sense!

You may have read that last week, some Oregon researchers investigated a recent outbreak of norovirus amongst members of a girls’ soccer team. We won’t gross you out with the details, but suffice it to say that a girl got sick, and seven other players and chaperones fell ill even though nobody had come in direct contact with the original patient after she first displayed symptoms. The common link? **Insert scary music** A reusable grocery bag of snacks that had been stored in the bathroom.Yep, all of the sick people ate cookies that were stored in that reusable bag. How did the nasty bug get to the cookies? You can read the dirty details here.

Continue reading

Bulletin Bag Staff Reviews: Canvas Grocery Bags

Full_Sized_Recyc_4f79b6544c710Every week we pick two of our reusable bags and have our staff members put them through the wringer. We’ll comment on the outcomes here (and encourage our clients to do the same!). This week, we’ve chosen two great canvas grocery bags: Full Sized Recycled Cotton Market Bag and Full Size Organic Market Bag. In addition, these two bags are on sale until the end of the month!

We love canvas shopping bags because they are strong, durable, and natural. Canvas reusable bags can be machine washed with regular laundry in cold water. Best of all, our wholesale canvas bags provide the ideal ‘canvas’ for logo printing. Custom shopping bags like these also have high perceived value, making them a great vehicle for your branding.

Continue reading

Need help washing something out of your reusable bag?

A few weeks ago, we received an email from someone who was directed to our site by Googling “reusable bag cleaning tips” (a great bit of reading, by the way!). She was desperate to get honey out of a nonwoven polypropylene bag. She told us what she had tried, but despite her best efforts, the bag was still sticky.

We put our heads together and suggested that she try soaking the bag in a sink filled with warm, soapy water, and then gently scrubbing at it with a sponge or dish brush. We asked her to check in and let us know if it worked, not really expecting to hear anything.

The other day, we received this message:

You superstar!! It worked! I soaked the bag in a mild non-biological laundry detergent solution for 30 mins and then scrubbed it with a brush and dried it outdoors. Bag is like new and no residue of honey. Thank you so much!!

Which reminds us…we’re kind of experts in this! So, do you have a sticky, stubborn mess in the bottom of a reusable bag? Put us to the test! Let us know what the bag is made of and what the mess is (if you know), as well as what you’ve tried. We’ll post suggestions below.

Reusable Grocery Bag Etiquette

reusableWe all know why to use reusable grocery bags over plastic and paper single use bags. But, we also need to remember that this shift in buyer behaviors is also forcing a shift in the way our cashiers and baggers do their job. Here are a few common-courtesy ideas for when you hand over your cool, printed reusable bags to the bagger (and don’t forget to wash your bags before you get that far):

  • Empty your reusable shopping bags completely
  • Wash your reusable bags regularly. Not sure how? Here’s a guide to cleaning reusable bags
  • Place your reusable grocery bags at the front of the conveyer belt so the cashier knows you have them
  • Separate your reusable shopping bags so the cashier can easily grab each one as needed. Also, specify which bags are meant for what products (meat, dairy, etc)
  • Open folding reusable bags while you are waiting in line
  • Show respect to your cashier by saying please and thank-you, helping to bag, and ending your cell phone call
  • When putting groceries on the conveyor, group heavy/bulky things together to be packed into the bottoms of your reusable grocery bags. The lighter items can go on top until each reusable bag is full.

Don’t Panic…Just Clean Your Reusable Grocery Bags

A recent study funded by the American Chemistry Council found that nearly every reusable bag examined for bacteria contained bugs, coliform bacteria (suggesting raw-meat or uncooked-food contamination) or E. coli. However, the study didn’t specify which strains of E. coli were found—many of which are harmless. And don’t forget that the American Chemistry Council represents plastic bag makers, and opposes a California Bill that would ban single-use plastic bags.reusable_bagWhat is slightly more annoying (dare we say misleading?) about this study, and the buzz surrounding it, is that if you conduct a similar study of kitchens, refrigerators, sponges, or dish towels, we’re sure you’d find equally alarming results. Plus, with the abundance of over-packaged grocery store items, what are the chances that these germs are actually going come in contact with your food or your family? Regardless of the study’s motives, it does stress an important reminder: clean your reusable grocery bags regularly.

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