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Category Archives: Promotion Ideas

Five Drawstring Backpack Promotions That Create Buzz

drawstring backpackDrawstring backpacks are a promotional products staple, especially this time of year as the weather warms up and more people are getting outside! They’re a classic bag style that seems to be timeless. Maybe it’s because they can be used for so many different occasions.

There are countless ways to incorporate drawstring backpack promotions into your marketing mix—no matter what your organization represents. The imprint area on these bags is large, making it the perfect canvas for all sorts of artwork! Here are five ways to create a buzz and jumpstart your next promotion with drawstring backpacks: Continue reading

5 Summer Events to Show Off Your New Promotional Products

summer eventsAre you looking to invest in new promotional products but not sure where to start? Are you feeling uninspired or even overwhelmed by all the options you see out there? There are a lot of different products to choose from and it can be overwhelming when trying to narrow down your project and plan a marketing campaign. But you’re in luck, because our team of experts is here to help! If you’re in a creative rut and not sure where to turn for ideas, then look no further. We’ve created a list of 5 summer events that you can use to promote your organization or brand. They’re the perfect opportunity to showcase your new merch and create something your audience will love! Continue reading

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Are a Must for Small Business Owners!

small businessAre you a small business owner who is looking for a way to increase your reach without spending crazy amounts of money on ads? From one small business to another, we understand the pickle you’re in. It’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself and get your message in front of the right people. A unique way to do just that is with the help of promotional products. Specifically, custom reusable shopping bags. No matter the industry you’re in, promotional products can help you reach your goals! Continue reading

Custom Reusable Bags and Beyond: Wedding Favors for Any Budget

wedding favorsYou’re getting married. Congratulations! You may be just starting to think about planning your dream wedding (or maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while!) and there are so many details to consider—venue, flowers, photography…the list seems never-ending. The good news is that we can help alleviate one of those items on your checklist: wedding favor gifts! Continue reading

Custom Gift Bags: Perfect for Artists!

Fully custom bagsAre you an artist who is looking for a new way to showcase your artwork? Maybe you’re looking for a new and unique product to offer your clients? Look no further than custom gift bags! These bags are fully customizable and allow you to transform a painting or picture into a beautiful bag for your clients. They’re extremely versatile and can be utilized by both you and your customers in so many ways! Continue reading

The Best Custom Promo Bags for Beach Days!

custom beach bagsIs it too early to be thinking about summer? Not in our opinion! After a long winter and many cold months, we’re celebrating that springtime is here! We know it’s important to plan marketing campaigns ahead of time (especially given supply chain difficulties in recent months) so we already have our eyes set on ideas for summer! If you’re looking for perfect custom promo bags for the beach, then look no further. These are perfect for brands who work with or at the beach or are looking to market to people who love spending time outdoors! Continue reading

Three Ways to Create Lululemon Style Bags on Any Budget

Custom Lululemon Style BagsCustom Lululemon style bags. Several years after the brand debuted its now-iconic style of reusable tote, we still get asked almost daily how to recreate the look.

We are proud to be able to offer three ways to produce the look of custom Lululemon bags in two different sizes, or go fully custom and design your own iconic bags in any size you want! Gone are the days of your only option being 3000 minimums…kind of. Continue reading

Custom Dental Bags: Perfect for Your Practice!

Custom Dental BagDentists across the country give out goodie bags filled with teeth cleaning essentials to thousands of patients every day. As more and more businesses move away from single-use plastics, we find that an increasing number of our clients are dental offices. Custom dental bags are a great way to switch over to reusable bags that are better for the environment while also boosting your brand awareness. Customizing a reusable bag with your dental practice’s information means that your patients will be advertising for you as they grocery shop, stroll around town, and run errands. Let’s talk about our 2 favorite options for custom dental bags! Continue reading

Six Ways to Completely Customize Made in USA Bags

USA Made Cotton BagThere are many ways to make your bag project unique, from innovative imprint designs to fully custom laminated bags. In addition to the bag’s look, it’s also important to find a bag that highlight’s your company’s values. For many businesses, this means a bag that’s made right here in the USA! USA made bags usually have a lower minimum order quantity and quicker turnaround time. Which is great, as not every client needs 2500 bags or can wait for 90 days. That’s why it’s so awesome to be able to customize USA made bags! Continue reading

Promotional Products: Do They Work?

Cotton Tote BagThere are a lot of options out there for marketing your business. From classic advertising to social media marketing, each option brings something different to the table. Is there one avenue you can take that will always be effective? Of course, it’s impossible to say. But there is one that we highly recommend you look into, regardless of your industry: promotional products. As a company that specializes in promotional products, we see firsthand how impactful and effective these products can be! But don’t just listen to us, here are some statistics that showcase the effectiveness of promotional products! Continue reading