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Store-Flat Thermal Tote: A Great Thermal Bag

thermal bagHaving a thermal bag as your go to grocery bag is a perfect choice to make sure all your ice cream stays cold! No one wants melted ice cream, especially after you just bought it. Thermal bags are great because the lining keeps things cool while not being too bulky.

We wanted to talk to you about a thermal bag that gets the job done right every time. Our Store-Flat Thermal Tote is one of our favorite bags for any job. This tote collapses completely flat when you’re not using it for easy storage. We love keeping these bags in our cars since they barely take up space and it’s super convenient for our grocery trips. Continue reading

Our Favorite Clear Tote Bag

clear tote bagWhen you’re in a rush, you don’t have time to rummage through your bag to find what you need. This is why you need a clear tote bag. Having a clear bag helps you to easily see everything you need. They are also useful when you are going somewhere that has security. It is easier for them to quickly make sure everything you have is safe and approved for events.

We also love having a clear tote bag during day trips. It makes your trip more enjoyable when you’re not scrambling to find all the things you need. We love our Clear Tote Bag for any of these needs. Continue reading

Promotional Backpacks: Talk About Variety!

Promotional backpacksPromotional backpacks are a fun item if you want to bring some variety to the table. Backpacks can come in all shapes and sizes and are great for so many events. They can be as simple as a drawstring backpack, or as complex as a laptop backpack.

Don’t close yourself off to just one type of backpack. We have a wide variety of promotional backpacks that are fun and functional! Down below we’re going to talk about some of our favorite promotional backpacks and the reasons why we love them so much. Read along because you don’t want to miss out on these amazing products! Continue reading

Reusable Shopping Bags: What Are Your Options?

Reusable Shopping BagsRecently, our state passed a bag ban on plastic bags (read more about it here). We’ve been thinking about these changes and how we are going to adapt to this ban. Bringing reusable shopping bags with us as we run our errands is a change that we’re all getting used to.

One thing that makes this change easier is having reusable shopping bags that are perfectly suited for all your trips out and about. Reusable shopping bags can be simple or complex. From quick runs to a full day of shopping, we have a bag that will fit your every requirement and need! Continue reading

Why You Need Custom Gift Bags

custom gift bagsWhen you’re hosting a big event or project, having the right beginning—or ending—gift is important. Once the party is over, having something to remember your brand by is a great way to leave your mark. Including custom gift bags in your next project is a creative and useful way to let your clients know you appreciate them.

Custom gift bags are an added touch to elevate an experience and having the right gift bag is important. Gift bags can come in various shapes and sizes, and big or small each bag has a special purpose. There is no better way to talk about custom gift bags than to show you some examples. Three great examples of gift bags are our Small Boutique Tote, Colored Cotton Zipper Pouch, and our Trinket Bag with Ribbon Drawstring. All custom gift bags are unique and leave lasting impressions! Since all gift bags are so different we’re going to talk about why we love each of them. Continue reading

Maine’s Bag Ban: What Is Changing?

Bag Bans On July 1st, our home state of Maine passed a statewide ban on plastic bags. This bag ban on single use plastic bags is a great step towards being more environmentally friendly. These plastic bags are flimsy and easily destructible. Retailers will now be carrying paper bags, reusable plastic bags, or both. Some single use plastics are exempt from this law, including pharmacy bags and deli bags.

Maine passed legislature to ban single use plastic bags in 2019, but coronavirus put a halt to everyone’s plans. The bag ban got pushed back twice since the pandemic happened. The first delay was because of concerns about spreading germs and the virus. It was then delayed a second time due to disruption in packing supplies brought on by the pandemic. Now if you’re caught at the store without a reusable bag, you’ll have to pay for them. Continue reading

Nonwoven Polypropylene Bags: The Right Material For You

Nonwoven polypropylene bagsNonwoven polypropylene bags are a great option if you’re looking for a sturdy material that can be made into so many styles. This material is cheap to produce but can last a lifetime. We have woven polypropylene bags on our site, but most of our polypropylene bags are non-woven. What do we love about nonwoven polypropylene bags?

Polypropylene is a polymer material created in the ‘50s and has become a big part of life today. This material can be made into so many things like reusable bags, or even furniture. Since it is a cheaper material to produce you can find products made from this material at all price points. Our selection of nonwoven polypropylene bags come in so many styles, we must tell you about them! Continue reading

Why Do We Love Lululemon Style Bags?

Lululemon style bags5 years ago, if we said lululemon bag you probably wouldn’t know what we were talking about. Lululemon is an athletic clothing company that skyrocketed to popularity. Their clothes are high quality, and the same thing can be said for their bags. Lululemon style bags are laminated reusable bags that have a distinct design.

From the rounded edge bottom to the black trim, lululemon style bags can be spotted from a mile away. Since these bags have risen to fame, we’re all wondering how we can get our hands on a bag like this. Luckily for you, we have several options for lululemon style bags. Continue reading

Bag Bans: Finding A Good Alternative

Bag BansRecently more and more states have been passing legislation to ban plastic bags. Banning plastic bags is an environmentally friendly step towards decreasing plastic waste. Each state is doing different things, with some businesses completely banning plastic bags and others charging fees for them. This rise in bag bans has caused many businesses to think about carrying reusable bag options.

Reusable bags are a great way to make a memorable impression. Being able to display your logo on a great bag will catch people’s eyes left and right. A sturdy reusable bag is that added touch to your next project or event that makes it shine! We’ve added some new bags to our collection that we’re sure will be a big hit. Continue reading

Food Delivery Bags: The New Normal

Food Delivery BagsI think I speak for all of us when I say that delivery has become a new normal for restaurants. Many restaurants have returned to in-person dining, but delivery is still a very popular option for those who want to stay in. With more restaurants having delivery options, you must have proper food delivery bags for the job.

Food delivery bags are an important aspect for restaurants to have. Proper insulation and size are vital aspects to consider since each bag offers something different. You also have to consider where you want your logo or design printed. We have a large variety of food delivery bags that all have different aspects that make them unique. Continue reading