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Custom produce bags are a great compliment to any reusable grocery bag project, but their uniqueness makes them an excellent standalone as well! Many people already turn to reusable grocery bags to reduce plastic waste. But if you look in your full grocery cart, you’ll see there is still a lot of plastic in there! Custom produce bags take care of some of that. Ours come in two sizes. The larger bag can fit broccoli, cauliflower, and other large produce items, while the smaller bag is perfect for garlic, lemons, and single items that don’t necessitate a huge bag. We tested lots of custom produce bags before choosing these for our website. They are long lasting, washable, and have large imprint areas. Custom produce bags may seem like an afterthought, but when you consider the environmental effects of single use plastic bags, every time a reusable bag is used is one less piece of plastic rubbish. Our produce bags will quickly turn into must-have items when your recipients start using them. And with your logo or message printed on them, they’ll remember you ever time they use it!