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Dentists love our custom bags! What better way to promote your practice than by giving out floss, toothpaste, and brushes in a branded reusable bag? We've got a great selection of bags that are perfectly sized for dental goodie bags. For some great ideas on what to put inside, read the blog on Bulletin Bag, 9 Great Ideas for Dental Bags (and What to Put in Them!)

More on Custom Dental Bags

Custom Dental Tote Bags

As more and more businesses move away from single-use plastics, we find that an increasing number of our clients are dental offices. Customizing a reusable bag with your dental practice’s information means that your patients will be advertising for you as they grocery shop, stroll around town, and run errands. ...READ MORE...

9 Great Ideas for Dental Bags (and What to Put in Them!)

Let’s face it. Those dental bags you get at the end of your visit are like the free gift with purchase of a clean mouth. You already know what’s in them (floss, toothbrush, paste), but you still can’t wait to get that dental goodie bag of love. ...READ MORE...