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Our Favorite Reusable Bags for Halloween Promos!

reusable bagThe breeze is starting to get cooler, the leaves on the trees are starting to change, and up here in Maine, Fall is in the air! October is right around the corner and before we know it, we’ll be bundling up with our winter clothes! There’s lots to love about this time of year and included in that is Halloween! Not only is this holiday super fun, but it’s a great opportunity for promotional products like reusable bags! Continue reading

Our Favorite Custom Reusable Bags for Coffee Shops!

reusable bagsWe work with lots of clients across many different industries …from small businesses to large companies, from schools to retail shops, and everything in between. One industry that we see quite a bit is coffee shops! We love helping clients like these create unique promotional products for all the regulars that come into their shop. Custom reusable bags are just one of the many different promotional items that are perfect for showcasing your café’s personality. Continue reading

What Sets Bulletin Brands Apart?

There are a lot of promotional products companies out there, we know. One search on Google will show you thousands of different companies you can order your products through. Most of the ones that you’ll see at the top of the page are paid ads from huge companies, with tons of similar looking products and a lot of money to spend on marketing. So why bother with Bulletin Brands, a small business all the way up here in Maine? Continue reading

Promotional Products: Perfect for Holiday and End-of-Year Employee Gifts

Now more than ever, employee retention is extremely important for almost every business in any industry. No matter what service or product you’re offering, it’s imperative to have quality employees you can depend on! There are a lot of ways to create good relationships with your employees, whether you’re in the office or working remote. Things like good benefits and perks, a fun work environment, competitive pay, and so much more are just a few things employees look at when choosing a role. While promotional products can’t help with benefits or salary, they can absolutely help with fostering connection and productive relationships in the workplace. Continue reading

5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Custom Reusable Bag

Cotton Tote BagWe know it can be overwhelming to start a promotional products project. There are thousands of different products out there that can be customized, and it’s hard to know where to start. It seems that everyone has something you can slap a logo onto and start selling. But to create custom promotional products that are effective and meaningful for your brand, it takes much more intention than that. Let’s take custom reusable bags for instance. What do you do when you decide that bags are the product you want to create? We’ve compiled our top 5 tips to help you start your project and see it through! Continue reading

Start Off the Fall Sports Season with Custom Team Bags!

With the school year starting up again and kids heading back to class, a new sports season is here as well! Fall sports like soccer, volleyball, football and so much more are starting off their seasons across the country. Whether you’re a coach, a player, a parent, or a fan, everyone knows how important team merch is for morale! Arguably one of the most important items for the players are the team bags! Continue reading

Our Favorite Lunch Totes for Back to School!

We are just a few days away from the start of September, and with that comes a new school year! As parents, staff, and students start to prepare for the year ahead, the to-do list can get quite long. From school supplies, uniforms/clothes, gear for extracurriculars, and more, there’s a lot to do and get before the first day of classes! Let’s talk about something that might be overlooked but shouldn’t be, and that’s custom lunch totes! Continue reading

Prepare for the Holiday Season with Custom Bags in Bulk

I know what you’re thinking …holidays?! Are you serious? It’s August and hot outside! I know it seems premature to be bringing up the holidays when it’s 85 degrees outside and summer is in full swing. But as a small business ourselves, we understand how important it is for small businesses to be planning ahead for the end of the year. Ordering inventory, creating marketing campaigns, stocking up on popular items or offerings, and so much more. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why We Love Colored Cotton Totes!

We have a wide selection of cotton bags on our website, from flat totes to grocery bags and much more. Cotton is a great option for material for those wanting a more natural material alternative. Although we love the tan color of natural cotton, there’s something so fun about the colored cotton bags we have on our site too! Let’s talk about why we love them! Continue reading

Custom Bags Rank #1 Most Popular Item in July 2022

status serigraph

There are a lot of different promotional products out there to choose from. Thousands of categories that are filled with even more products, each with their own unique offerings. From marketing your message to creating team culture, custom bags continue to be a top item no matter the season. They are a powerful tool to use when marketing your brand! Let’s dive into some data from last month, to see which products are trending and popular. In the top 10 most popular categories from last month, bags rank #1! Continue reading