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Custom Team Bags: The Perfect Sidekick this Sports Season!

With the snow falling and cold winds blowing this time of year, it’s hard to even imagine that spring will be here before we know it! With the springtime comes warmer weather, sunshine, and arguably the most fun …a new season of school sports! Planning ahead for team gear is crucial to an organized and spirited season. Whether you’re a player, coach, or a fan, we’ve got you covered with custom team bags for the upcoming season. Continue reading

USA Made Pouches: Perfect For Gift Giving!

USA Made PouchesWith the holiday season in full swing, travelling to see family is the normal. While you’re travelling make sure you have all your things organized. USA made pouches are going to be your new best friend! Perfect for organizing all your small things, they make great gifts since they’re so useful.

USA made pouches are a great gift idea since they can be customized for your own special message. These pouches also help our nation’s workforce which is an added touch that will be appreciated. If you need a stocking stuffer or a small gift to show your appreciation, then USA made pouches are perfect for you! Continue reading

5 Easy Swaps to Live More Sustainably with Custom Reusable Bags

Custom reusable bagsIn recent years, we’ve seen the rise of “green” products as more and more people begin to prioritize sustainability in their lives. Reusable items, like custom reusable bags, are a great way to incorporate sustainability into our daily habits. As we know, climate change has only escalated over recent years, so taking action on a personal level is more important than ever! For those wanting to make more sustainable choices in their own life and home, here are some easy swaps you can utilize today! Continue reading

Achieve Your Goals with Our Custom Gym Bags!

Custom Gym BagsHappy New Year from your friends at Bulletin Brands! We know that this time of year is the time when we all reflect on the year ahead and get clear on the goals we would like to achieve! We get organized, create an action plan, and get working on whatever our goals may be. Whether your goals are health, fitness, financial, or personal, we are here to help. We have the gear and equipment to help get you there, like our custom gym bags! Continue reading

Customized Lunch Boxes: The Perfect Promotional Item for Schools!

Customized Lunch ToteWhen deciding on a promotional product to order for your company or event, it can be a little overwhelming! There are so many different products and options out there to choose from. Let’s talk today about a product that we think is a great option for so many different situations: customized lunch boxes! These products are a fun and easy way to promote your brand while also providing an item that people use almost daily. Continue reading

Cotton: A More Sustainable Material for Reusable Bags

Cotton Tote BagCotton is a very common material used to make reusable bags, in addition to clothing, household goods, and accessories! Its use is becoming even more widespread among different industries as the demand for sustainably made products increases. It’s a natural material that is considered to be more sustainable than other alternatives, and of course, it can be quite soft and comfortable to use! We offer a wide variety of cotton products, so let’s discuss where cotton comes from in the first place! Continue reading

Thermal Bags: Why They’re Worth It During Winter Months

Applestone Thermal BagThermal bags have become increasingly popular among food delivery businesses, and for good reason: they help keep food from getting cold as it’s delivered to the customer. When ordering food, there’s nothing worse than having it delivered cold! These insulated bags can be utilized by more than just restaurants, however. They are a great tool for personal use year-round, especially during the winter months when the weather gets cold. Continue reading

Don’t Shop Without Your Reusable Produce Bags

Reusable Produce BagsReusable produce bags are the perfect bag to have on hand. They transport all your fresh produce without using single waste plastics and can help for other needs too. They’re great for holding clothes or towels, keeping things organized in your pantry, or bringing along with you to carry your spare items.

There are many different styles you can get reusable produce bags in. They can be mesh which is great for all your fresh fruits and veggies! They could also be made from cotton or other materials which is sturdy enough for your non-perishables. Let’s go over some of the styles reusable produce bags come in and what we love about each one. Continue reading

Cotton vs Polyester: Which One’s Right For You?

cotton vs polyesterWe get a lot of questions about the material of our bags. What material is better? Cotton vs polyester is always a big question, and our answer is they’re both great! Cotton vs polyester shouldn’t be a battle between the two, but a showcase of all the great things these materials have to offer!

Cotton and polyester are two of our most popular materials, and for good reason. Both materials are sturdy and reliable, while also being versatile enough to fit any project or event you might have come up! Let’s talk about the differences in cotton vs polyester, and why you might choose one over the other. Continue reading