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Bulletin Bag has a high-quality selection of custom bags that are made in the USA and sold at wholesale pricing. Our American made reusable bags are made from cotton canvas, organic cotton, hE polyester, or EcoSpun 100% recycled material. Since they are often cut and sewn to order, you can customize the size and handle length of your bags (for an additional charge). Choosing reusable bags that are made in the locally supports our country's workforce, and demonstrates your commitment to the environment and our economy. The environmental benefit of using USA made reusable bags over single-use plastic bags extends beyond the bag itself. The overall carbon footprint of your project is reduced because the bags don't have to travel from overseas to reach you. Finally, two of our USA made reusable bags are union made and printed. If you need, we can add a union bug to your imprint (just let us know!).

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Six Ways to Completely Customize Made in USA Bags

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