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Need help washing something out of your reusable bag?

A few weeks ago, we received an email from someone who was directed to our site by Googling “reusable bag cleaning tips” (a great bit of reading, by the way!). She was desperate to get honey out of a nonwoven polypropylene bag. She told us what she had tried, but despite her best efforts, the bag was still sticky.

We put our heads together and suggested that she try soaking the bag in a sink filled with warm, soapy water, and then gently scrubbing at it with a sponge or dish brush. We asked her to check in and let us know if it worked, not really expecting to hear anything.

The other day, we received this message:

You superstar!! It worked! I soaked the bag in a mild non-biological laundry detergent solution for 30 mins and then scrubbed it with a brush and dried it outdoors. Bag is like new and no residue of honey. Thank you so much!!

Which reminds us…we’re kind of experts in this! So, do you have a sticky, stubborn mess in the bottom of a reusable bag? Put us to the test! Let us know what the bag is made of and what the mess is (if you know), as well as what you’ve tried. We’ll post suggestions below.

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