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Tag Archives: Folding Bags

We Love Custom Folding Bags!

Custom Folding BagThere are plenty of options out there for reusable bags and choosing the right one for you depends on many factors. What purpose will the bag serve? What material will work best? What kind of design or logo do you want printed on it? All these questions and more come into play when making this decision! As you research different bag options and decide which one is the right fit for you, let’s look at custom folding bags since these are possibly the most convenient bags out there! Continue reading

Customize Your Custom Folding Shopping Bags!

Custom Folding Shopping BagsCustom folding shopping bags are a hidden gem! Being able to store your reusable bags away when you don’t need them helps save space and time. Custom folding shopping bags are also strong and durable, so they can handle the big jobs without you having to worry about them holding up.

Something you might not know about custom folding shopping bags is that there is a wide variety of bags that can fold up and store away. We have the classic folding bags, but we also have other shapes and sizes that custom folding shopping bags come in! Continue reading

Vibrant Full Color Art? Our Dye Sublimated Folding Tote Can Handle It!

Dye Sublimated Folding Tote with Attached PouchOur Dye Sublimated Folding Tote with Attached Pouch has got your full color artwork covered…literally! With full bleed, seam to seam printing of your creative messaging, it’s a no-brainer for any promotion.

We tested out this bag recently and found that it’s so easy to stash that it quickly became a go-to for on-the-go. It fits in a glove compartment or small travel bag, a purse or a messenger bag. Then, we just filled it up, wiped it clean, folded it up and put it away! Continue reading

Bagito Deluxe Grande: A Real Life Honest Staff Review

Bagito Deluxe GrandeI’m a bag person. Hey, it happens when you spend more than a dozen years working for a .com that specializes in custom reusable bags! With all the bags I see and test, the fact that I am actually gushing about one really says a lot. But I promise you, when you get your hands on our Bagito Deluxe Grande, you’ll totally get it.

Bagito is one of our retail brand lines. That means that even though you’re ordering from us in bulk with your messaging printed on the side, you’re still getting the exact same bags that you would be if you picked one up at your local store! We love that this brand donates a meaningful percentage of their proceeds directly to their sister non-profit Power2Sustain, which supports K-12 environmental literacy, and we love the high quality materials and construction that go into all of their bags. Continue reading

Folding Lunch Bag and a Custom Water Bottle: A Great Team!

Folding Lunch Bag Water bottles and lunch bags. A more perfect pairing has never been…Oh, ok. That’s taking things a little far. But they DO play well together. Speaking of playing well, our staff tester recently discovered that our Folding Lunch Bag meshes really well with some water bottles on Bulletin Bottle, and she was so excited to share what she discovered!

Our staff tester started out using the Folding Lunch Bag, but stumbled upon the fact that Bulletin Bottle’s h2go Mali Tumbler with Straw fits perfectly inside it! She decided to do a joint review since ultimately she tested both items together. Continue reading

Recycled PET Folding Sling Tote: Staff Review

Recycled PET Folding Sling Tote BagThe PET Folding Sling Tote is the sister bag of our wildly popular PET Folding Carry All. Bags made from recycled materials are always in style, and this bag is made from recycled post-consumer PET, so it’s lightweight, durable, and easy to fold up and store.

Our staff reviewer said, “This is my go to bag for a number or different things personally! When traveling, I will pack a couple inside of my suitcase or purse because they’re so compact and feather light! Then I always have one to throw over my shoulder with some necessities and off I go ready to enjoy shopping, sightseeing, hiking, riding roller coasters or whatever other fun activity we have planned and need a bag that doesn’t get in the way!” Continue reading

Best Custom Shopping Bags: Road Trip!

See that crossbody bag at Niagara Falls? There’s a Medium RuMe in there!

I recently traveled across the country with some of our staff’s favorite bags in tow. Two weeks and 3000 miles later, I definitely have an opinion on our best custom shopping bags on our site. My needs may not match yours, but I can say without a doubt that these are my three favorite bags…and are worth their weight in gold. They don’t weigh much, but, um…you get the idea!  Continue reading

Collapsible Shopping Bags: 8 Times They Save the Day!

GEB1671-GroupCollapsible shopping bags are everywhere. They’re so convenient, and perfect for grab-n-go shopping trips. Clients love how compact they are. You can stash them virtually anywhere and they don’t take up much space. In municipalities that have plastic bag bans and fees, this style is especially popular amongst both men and women!

When considering a collapsible shopping bag for your next marketing promotion or fundraiser, make sure to evaluate the material options against your intended use. Nonwoven polypropylene collapsible shopping bags are very budget friendly, but won’t be as compact or durable as our Medium RuMe Bag (for example). Nylon and polyester bags are great for damp or wet items, while cotton folding bags can be more easily cleaned.

Don’t let the name of the style fool you—this type of bag is great for more than shopping. Need proof? Here are eight real-life instances in which collapsible shopping bags can save the day: Continue reading

Wholesale Folding Bags: What You Need to Know

Wholesale Folding BagsMore and more municipalities across the country are enacting plastic bag bans or fees, and shoppers are finding ways to adapt. As a result, folding bags, in large part due to their incredible convenience, are more popular than ever. However, there’s more to buying wholesale folding bags than you’d think. Here are some things to consider when deciding on those ultra-portable reusable bags that collapse, fold, or stuff into smaller footprints.  Continue reading