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Tag Archives: Travel

Custom Travel Bags: Perfect for Employee Gifts!

belt bagNo matter the time of year, businesses around the globe try to find ways to foster connection and team culture among their employees. Especially during the holidays, businesses gear up to spread joy and appreciation among their employees and beyond. While the traditional festive office parties and year-end bonuses are always appreciated, there’s a unique and practical gift that is gaining popularity for its versatility and thoughtful touch – custom travel bags. Travel bags with your logo make an excellent promotional product for businesses to give to their employees, particularly during the holidays! Continue reading

Custom Travel Duffel Bags: Bon Voyage!

Traveling is a fun and exciting adventure that usually requires a lot of planning and packing! Although the fun part is after all the preparing is over and you’re enjoying the trip, having the right packing essentials makes all the difference! Custom travel duffel bags make packing and traveling easier and more convenient. Plus, the customization helps to transform these bags into meaningful, high-quality gifts and products. Versatile, reliable, and loved by adventurers worldwide, travel duffel bags have a special place in our hearts! Continue reading

Traveling This Holiday Season? Take These Custom Travel Bags!

There’s a lot that’s going through our minds this time of year …parties, corporate events, vacations, presents, holiday dinners, and so much more. One of the most stressful parts of the holiday season? Traveling. It’s a super busy time of year to travel, as many people head home for the holidays, or ring in the new year on a sunny beach. We can’t control if your flight will get delayed, or if getting through security will take hours, but we can help you stay organized with our custom travel bags. If your staff travels a lot for work (or personally) then these might be the perfect promotional products for you! Continue reading

5 Hacks for Insulated Cooler Bags You’ll Love

Insulated Cooler Bag HacksI see you hanging up your winter coat and looking at pictures from last summer’s beach days…. winter isn’t over yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! Spring is around the corner and that means we can officially start getting excited about warmer weather! Our insulated cooler bags are ready to rock into spring, summer and beyond! Plus, they can do duty year-round as food delivery bags and insulated grocery bags. If you’re lucky enough to live in a mild climate all the time (sigh….), then you can definitely put these hacks to good use now! Continue reading

Custom Luggage and Other Travel Necessities

custom luggageTraveling is something that everyone loves! If it’s 10 miles or 10,000 miles, the excitement of travel is something we all love. Having custom luggage helps make traveling easy, while also getting your name out there to people you may have never reached before! From a carry on to rolling luggage there are so many bags you need to get you through the airport line.

Custom luggage can be anything from a travel pouch to something way bigger. Having bags for your things is a great way to stay organize on your way there and back. While it may seem silly to pack bags inside of bags, you’ll thank us when everything you need is right where you want it! Continue reading

What Are Rume Bags and Why Are We Going Crazy For Them?

Rume BagsReusable bags have become a huge hit with everyone looking for better shopping alternatives. Many businesses have started to only accept reusable bags and won’t use plastic bags anymore (read more about bag bans here). One collection of bags that we love are our Rume bags!

Rume bags are great when you want a sturdy bag that’s also lightweight and easy to store. Our collection of Rume bags has been handpicked so that we can showcase the best bags for any kind of project you’ll need them for. Continue reading

Custom Pouches: The Perfect Travel Accessory

Custom PouchesIt’s been a long time since we’ve been able to travel. COVID-19 was an unexpected event that none of us planned for, and luckily things seem to be slowly going back to normal. Many countries are opening up for tourists and travel again which we are so happy to see! With the itch to get back to traveling, you may realize you forgot all of your best travel tips and tricks. This is where custom pouches come in handy!

Travel doesn’t have to mean getting on a plane, it’s also as simple as your commute to work. When going overseas or into an office, custom pouches are some of the best accessories to stay organized. They’re perfect to throw in a tote bag for an easy way to organize your bag or to store in a travel bag to make sure your things don’t get thrown around or destroyed. We’re going to talk about 4 reasons why we love custom pouches and the many uses you can get out of each one. Continue reading

Bagito Deluxe Grande: A Real Life Honest Staff Review

Bagito Deluxe GrandeI’m a bag person. Hey, it happens when you spend more than a dozen years working for a .com that specializes in custom reusable bags! With all the bags I see and test, the fact that I am actually gushing about one really says a lot. But I promise you, when you get your hands on our Bagito Deluxe Grande, you’ll totally get it.

Bagito is one of our retail brand lines. That means that even though you’re ordering from us in bulk with your messaging printed on the side, you’re still getting the exact same bags that you would be if you picked one up at your local store! We love that this brand donates a meaningful percentage of their proceeds directly to their sister non-profit Power2Sustain, which supports K-12 environmental literacy, and we love the high quality materials and construction that go into all of their bags. Continue reading

Large Utility Tote: Buying Bulk Reusable Bags with Purpose!

Bulk Reusable Bag Large Utility Tote
Whether your project calls for bulk reusable bags that you’re going to resell, give away, or both…do we have the suggestion for you! How about a crazy-awesome tote that’s meant to carry lots and lots of stuff?

Enter our Large Utility Tote. It has so much promise that TWO of our staffers have been testing it out! What’s the verdict? Amazeballs! Continue reading

Hanging Toiletry Bag: Staff Review

Hanging Toiletry BagDo the road warriors in your organization need a do-it-all bag for travel? Looking for a nice gift for clients? Maybe you’re just in search of a bag to store something specific in? Whichever category you fit into, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our Hanging Toiletry Bag, the focus of this staff review.

Our staff tester said, “I love the size of this bag! As a toiletry bag it will carry everything I need for any trip without being too big, as it can easily fit in a carry-on bag.”  Continue reading