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Bagito Deluxe Grande: A Real Life Honest Staff Review

Bagito Deluxe GrandeI’m a bag person. Hey, it happens when you spend more than a dozen years working for a .com that specializes in custom reusable bags! With all the bags I see and test, the fact that I am actually gushing about one really says a lot. But I promise you, when you get your hands on our Bagito Deluxe Grande, you’ll totally get it.

Bagito is one of our retail brand lines. That means that even though you’re ordering from us in bulk with your messaging printed on the side, you’re still getting the exact same bags that you would be if you picked one up at your local store! We love that this brand donates a meaningful percentage of their proceeds directly to their sister non-profit Power2Sustain, which supports K-12 environmental literacy, and we love the high quality materials and construction that go into all of their bags.

Back to the Bagito Deluxe Grande, which is made from recycled materials, btw. I carry a small handbag. It only needs to fit my wallet, Chap Stick (strawberry, if you will), and one Bagito Deluxe Grande Stuffedfolding reusable bag (the more compact the better). My problem in the past was that a compact folding bag = a SMALL folding bag. But I don’t want a teeny tiny bag, I just want a small footprint. Guess what? The Deluxe Grande stuffs super compactly into a sewn-in pouch. But when you open it up, it’s huge!

So I have this huge folding bag, which is nice and durable and easy to tote when it’s open. It has generous shoulder straps and comes in great colors. So do a lot of other bags, right? Well, where the Bagito leaves the others in the dust is in the small details, the ones that you wouldn’t think too much about until you need them and…There. They. Are.

Detail #1 that I didn’t know I totally needed: a cinch up, drawstring closure. Seriously, folks, why hasn’t anyone figured this out before? (Side note: if they have, let us know so we can add more of these Bagito Deluxe Grande Cinch Closuretype of bags!). Picture this: You have one large folding bag, filled with last minute grocery goodies. You plop it down on the seat next to you for the ride home. What happens next? The sides all slip down and show off all your food. Because it’s rPET and it’s lightweight and it’s not meant to hold its shape like canvas or polypropylene. So now your toothpaste is under the seat and your can of soup is on the ground rolling around.

Maybe you’ve done this before and learned your lesson, so now you tie the handles together before you put the bag down? Yeah, it took me about a year to remember to do this! Anyway, with this bag, you just stuff it full and cinch it close. You still have full use of your shoulder straps because you didn’t have to tie them in a knot. Small detail, huge bonus!

Detail #2 that rocks: a water bottle pocket. Yes, in a folding reusable bag. It’s there, I promise. And it’s generously sized in both girth and height. Enough so that I can slide my Bagito Deluxe Grande Water Bottle Pocketbulky 32 oz. Hydro Flask in there comfortably! That baby doesn’t even fit in my car’s cup holders (grrr…that’s a story for another day). No water bottle? No problem. Use it to stash your car keys and cell phone! Or get yourself some branded water bottles here (shameless plug for sister company).

Ok, so now for the dislikes. I have one. My big dislike on the Bagito Deluxe Grande is that I don’t have more than one of them. I’m 100% being honest. I totally hate that I only have one lonely bag like this.

Want your own? Take it from me…whomever you sell, gift, or reward with this bag + your branding will be SO happy to have it. And goodwill is always worth every penny spent!

XO, Jennifer

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