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#WashYourBags To Win A Bag!

washyourbags-finalRenewed interests in the “studies” claiming reusable grocery bags are causing illness (and even—gasp—death) are driving us crazy. You just can’t believe everything you read—especially when a group with financial interest in the plastic bag industry is involved in its funding and/or administration!   While the plastics industry would like us to believe that going back to single-use plastic bags is the only solution, we all know that reusable bags do NOT cause illness.

To spread the word about washing your reusable bags, Bulletin Bag [.com] is giving away 100 cotton reusable bags!  The rules are simple, and entering will ultimately help the environment. Just tweet your pledge to #WashYourBags to us @baglady207. If you’re not on Twitter yet, just sign up and follow @BagLady207 (that’s us!). C’mon…let’s put an end to scare tactics designed to get us to switch back to plastic bags!

FMI, visit the contest info page here.

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