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Bulletin Bag’s hand-picked selection of custom laminated bags are useful for so many things! Laminated bags are well received because, in part, of their versatility. Plus, since the material is coated with a slick layer, it’s easier to clean that an uncoated bag made from the same thing. Just wipe it down with a wet cloth or “wash” it with a disinfectant spray. Our laminated bags are made with woven polypropylene, nonwoven polypropylene, or recycled PET. Laminated bags can be produced in gloss or matte finish, so if you have a preference, make sure you’re clear on which type of lamination is on the bag you’re considering. Our laminated totes come in many different sizes, colors, and materials—all at wholesale prices. From grocery store to pool, library to school, our custom laminated bags will be used again and again by their recipients!

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Can you produce full color custom reusable bags?

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Laminated Whole Foods Bags: Yes, We Can!

"You know those laminated Whole Foods bags? Do you make those?" We have a lot of conversations that start out this way. (Psst…the answer is yes!). Bulletin Bag currently offers custom laminated bags in 13 stock sizes, and with several material options (some are even insulated). Additionally, we can make any of our custom bags in ANY shape, size, or material! ...READ MORE...

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Custom Lululemon Bags

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What are the art requirements for your fully customized reusable bags?

When your reusable bag project necessitates full color, full bleed customized reusable bags, this is what you need to know about your artwork. The following information pertains ONLY to our fully customized reusable bags. These bags have a minimum order of 2500 bags and 90-day lead time. ...READ MORE...

Five [Other] Uses for Custom Laminated Bags

Whether purchased in small quantities of 100, or fully customized and ordered by the thousands, custom laminated bags are popular items around here! The smooth, shiny feel of the material combines with bright logos and bold colors appeal to a wide range of marketers and retail stores alike (check out our client’s bag to the left!). Plus, since lamination is slick, it’s easier to clean that an uncoated bag made from the same material (simply wipe it down with a wet cloth or disinfectant spray). ...READ MORE...