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Tag Archives: Sustainability

Reusable Shopping Bags: What Are Your Options?

Reusable Shopping BagsRecently, our state passed a bag ban on plastic bags (read more about it here). We’ve been thinking about these changes and how we are going to adapt to this ban. Bringing reusable shopping bags with us as we run our errands is a change that we’re all getting used to.

One thing that makes this change easier is having reusable shopping bags that are perfectly suited for all your trips out and about. Reusable shopping bags can be simple or complex. From quick runs to a full day of shopping, we have a bag that will fit your every requirement and need! Continue reading

Maine’s Bag Ban: What Is Changing?

Bag Bans On July 1st, our home state of Maine passed a statewide ban on plastic bags. This bag ban on single use plastic bags is a great step towards being more environmentally friendly. These plastic bags are flimsy and easily destructible. Retailers will now be carrying paper bags, reusable plastic bags, or both. Some single use plastics are exempt from this law, including pharmacy bags and deli bags.

Maine passed legislature to ban single use plastic bags in 2019, but coronavirus put a halt to everyone’s plans. The bag ban got pushed back twice since the pandemic happened. The first delay was because of concerns about spreading germs and the virus. It was then delayed a second time due to disruption in packing supplies brought on by the pandemic. Now if you’re caught at the store without a reusable bag, you’ll have to pay for them. Continue reading

Reducing Single Use Plastics with ChicoBag Custom Reusable Bags

Bulletin Bag’s goal of reducing the need for single use plastic bags is an important step in the broader reduction of unnecessary waste. But another important piece is ensuring that our manufacturers care as much as we do. One factory that is making amazing strides in environmental sustainability is ChicoBag. ChicoBag’s president, Andy Keller, has introduced a wide variety of initiatives to help drive forward these goals.

Continue reading

Rags2Bags: Making Reusable Bags…and a Difference

Rags2Bags completed bag
Photo credit: Sustainable Tallahassee

Did you know that this month is celebrated as Plastic Free July? The campaign originated in Australia but is now a worldwide effort to encourage people to stop using disposable plastics. They say that it takes 30 days to make a new habit stick, so the hope is that by the end of the month, participants have made some shifts in thinking.

Frankly, if you’re reading our blogs, you likely already HAVE shifted your thinking, like the dozen women in Florida who came together and created Rags2Bags. The organization has made and distributed more than 2,000 reusable shopping bags throughout their community!  Continue reading

Top 6 Best-Selling Custom Bags for College Students

bestseller_adAs we’ve mentioned before, we have lots of clients that work at our nation’s colleges and universities. In looking at product sales over the last week, not only did we discover some pretty cool trends with water bottles (read more here), but we also noticed that there is a similar gravitation in this industry towards certain bags—and they weren’t the ones we would have guessed!

Here are Bulletin Bag’s top six best-selling custom bags for college students!  Continue reading

Bags Made from Recycled Materials: New Hues for Popular Bag!

Bags made from recycled materialsBags made from recycled materials have always been an important mainstay in our reusable bag lineup. It feels good to know you’re using a product that was created from the waste from another. As such, we offer more than a dozen bags made from recycled materials at Bulletin Bag [.com]!

We’ve all seen a laminated bag that proudly proclaims how it was a plastic bottle in a past life. Did you know, however, that there are other options for bags made from recycled materials besides that stuff from recycled drink bottles? We offer reusable bags made from recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and recycled PET!  Continue reading

Five Great Uses for Insulated Grocery Bags (Nope, Shopping Isn’t One of Them!)

Insulated Grocery BagsThere are a bunch of reasons why clients love our insulated grocery bags. We are pretty sure that one of these reasons has to do with how their usefulness extends beyond the checkout line.

Really, it goes without saying. Take a durable reusable bag. Line it with insulating material, for the purpose of keeping its contents cool or warm for longer. Boom! Super-useful, multi-purpose tote!

“Oh, come on. They’re grocery bags. Meant for grocery stores,” you say. “What else would you use them for?” Here are five great uses for insulated grocery bags—that don’t include grocery shopping: Continue reading

Reusable Bags Only? The Single Use Plastic Bag Loophole

o-PLASTIC-BAG-570On July 1, Hawaii became the first state in the country to enforce a ban on single use plastic bags. However, a loophole in the law is opening the door to a plastic bag that’s even worse for the environment than the old bags.

The fault lies in the way a reusable bag is defined: “a bag with handles that is specifically designed and manufactured for multiple reuse” and is made of durable materials, including plastic that is at least 2.25 mils thick. So, plastic bag manufacturers starting making—you guessed it—THICKER single use plastic bags. Only now…they’re calling them reusable bags! Continue reading

ChicoBag Produce Bags: Product Review

GR-CHBPROD-AllSuzette is very excited that we are now offering ChicoBag produce bags!

After testing a multitude of options, the ChicoBag produce bags are by far the best quality we’ve seen. The main feature that makes the ChicoBag produce bags superior is the durability of the drawstring closure. The drawstring seam on other mesh produce bags we’ve tested started to come apart after a few uses. However, Suzette has been using her ChicoBag produce bags for 1-2 YEARS (with weekly use and regular washing), and they still look as good as new!

The smaller ChicoBag Mini Mesh Produce Bag can fit about 4-5 apples, a large handful of green beans, a bundle of broccoli, or other smaller items.

The larger ChicoBag Produce Stand (available now but not yet on our site) is perfect for larger items like bananas. Suzette likes to use this bag to group together ‘loose’ produce, like peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, apples in one larger bag. When checking out, she keeps the bag out for the end, removes the items so the cashier can ring them in separately, then puts them back inside the bag as they are finished.

There are other styles of ChicoBag produce bags, but we are currently only offering the styles that are mesh on one side and solid (rePETE) on the other side. We feel that the mesh is preferable to the solid since the cashier can easily see the contents of the bag, making it easier  at check out.

Almost every time Suzette uses these bags the cashiers and baggers compliment her on them and ask where she got them. While the trend hasn’t completely caught on with most mainstream consumers, we believe this product category will grow immensely in the coming years.

Once you’ve kicked the plastic bag habit at the check out line, you start to notice how many plastic bags you are still using in the produce department. Using high quality reusable produce bags can easily eliminate these single use plastic bags. With a little advanced planning you can quickly get in the habit of bringing your own produce bags to the store as well! As someone who is passionate about reducing plastic wherever possible, we think these produce bags are fantastic!