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Tag Archives: Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products for a Green Holiday Season!

promotional productsAs the holiday season approaches, businesses are not only spreading joy and goodwill but also taking steps to make a positive impact on the environment. Eco-friendly promotional products have gained significant popularity in recent years, and they’re a perfect choice for creating a green holiday season. Let’s explore the concept of eco-friendly promotional products and why they are the ideal choice for your holiday marketing campaigns! Continue reading

Shop Our Recycled Ripstop Reusable Bags!

ripstopWe have exciting news! We are thrilled to announce a significant step forward in our journey towards a more sustainable future: there’s been a groundbreaking change to some of our products that use ripstop material – they are now proudly made from recycled water bottles! This exciting transition not only benefits our planet but also elevates the quality of our products! The ripstop material you know and love, now made with recycled materials …a win-win! Continue reading

PET: A Great Material for Recycled Shopping Bags

With increasing trends towards sustainability and conscious consumerism, there is a huge demand for reusable bags that are made responsibly. We get a lot of inquiries about recycled shopping bags, so we’re highlighting two popular bags that are made with recycled materials, like PET!

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. It’s a plastic resin and the most common type of polyester. You can find PET in many things, including food and drink containers. The great thing about PET is that it can be recycled and used again in new products…like reusable shopping bags! Continue reading

Eco-Conscious Branding: Custom Hemp Bags for the Win!

In the pursuit of sustainable living, businesses and individuals are increasingly turning to eco-friendly alternatives. Custom hemp bags have emerged as a popular choice, offering a perfect blend of style, durability, and environmental consciousness. From their eco-friendliness and versatility to their branding potential, custom hemp bags are truly a win-win! Discover how these bags embody sustainability and elevate your brand image! Continue reading

Custom Reusable Bags: Sustainability Tips to Consider!

Custom Cotton ToteWhen choosing a reusable bag for your next project, there are a lot of things to consider. Depending on your vision and goals for your project you may be prioritizing different things like price, sustainability, printing capabilities, and more. If you are an organization that is prioritizing sustainability, you can still find something that is affordable and has lots of customization options! It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the options for bags these days, so we’re going to share some easy ways you can prioritize sustainability when picking out your custom reusable bags. Let’s get into it! Continue reading

Custom Hemp Bags: A Sustainable and Stylish Option!

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to bag materials. From cotton to polypropylene and everything in between, it can be confusing to know what the right choice. On our site, we offer a wide range of materials because we understand that everyone’s project is different. However, today we want to showcase some custom hemp bags because we know that many people are looking for a natural and sustainable material option for their custom bags! Continue reading

Prioritize Sustainability with Reusable Bags

Summer is in full swing, which means hot (and for our team here in Maine…humid) days are here to stay. Nicer weather means that more people will be adventuring outside and enjoying the fresh air. People will be taking their drinks, snacks, and outdoor essentials on the go with them outside, meaning that they’ll be using a bag when packing up for the day or grabbing a bag at the store when they pick up their essentials. But what kind of bag are they reaching for? Unfortunately, for many it’s still a single-use plastic bag rather than reusable bags. Continue reading

Canada Schedules Single-Use Plastics Ban

reusable bagsOver the last decade or so, we have seen consumer trends and priorities shift heavily towards sustainability. Environmental groups have urged government officials across the globe to prioritize sustainable practices on every level as climate change continues to be one of the biggest threats current and future generations. Although this measure has moved slowly at the government level due to a variety of reasons, progress has continued to be made over time. One concrete step towards a more sustainable future has come from Canada, as they publicly schedule a ban on popular single-use plastics to take place over the next few years. This is a huge undertaking and will hopefully result in reduced waste across the country! Continue reading

Earth Month Reflections: Could You Lead A Plastic-Free Life?

Cotton Tote BagYou may have read the title of this blog and immediately thought “no way”. In today’s world, this seems like an almost impossible task, and one that many people may think is not worth it. All you have to do is start thinking about commonly used items to realize that plastic is everywhere. Whether its single-use or reusable, plastic has become a pillar of our society. So how do you even start living a life that’s free of plastic? As we approach Earth Day, let’s talk about ways we can make influential change on an individual level. Continue reading

What’s the Best Reusable Bag for Sustainability?

Recycled Cotton Twill ToteAs springtime begins and the weather starts to get warmer, more opportunities for outdoor events and gatherings start unfolding! From school sports games to community outreach, we have a wide range of custom bags to fit your needs. A lot of outdoor events like farmers markets and community garden events seem to have one theme in common: sustainability! You may be wondering: what is the best reusable bag that aligns with my values of sustainability? Look no further! We’ll highlight some of the reusable bag choices if sustainability is important to you. Continue reading