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Insulated grocery bags have so many practical uses, and Bulletin Bag [.com] is proud to offer a hand-picked, quality assortment of them. Insulated bags keep foods and liquids cold while coming home from the grocery store. Pack them with ice, and insulated grocery bags become soft-sided coolers for a picnic or day at the beach. Did you know that insulated grocery bags can also keep your food warm? Put your warm foods in an insulated bag before heading to the party or home from a restaurant and keep them from getting cold as quickly. These bags come in come in many different colors and several types of material, and the versatility of insulated grocery bags make them perfect for a range of promotions, fundraisers, or retail stores!

Looking for smaller insulated bags? Be sure to check out our custom insulated tote bags!

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Five Things to Look for When Shopping for Insulated Grocery Bags

Insulated grocery bags continue to be among our best-selling type of bag. This is partially due to the rise in fresh food delivery and grocery delivery companies—two recent entrants into an industry once reserved for traditional take-out and delivery services offered only by restaurants. This increased demand has caused a new wave of innovation in this once sleepy category. New styles, sizes, closures, and customizations mean more options than ever! What should you look for when shopping for insulated grocery bags for your project? There are several things to keep in mind: ...READ MORE...

Want an Insulated Reusable Bag at a Great Price? Our Therm-o-Tote Fits the Bill

We love the insulated, durable Therm-o-Tote. Seriously. It’s such a great bag that you would think it would come at a higher price. The Therm-o-tote is constructed in a similar fashion to our Big Thunder Grocery Tote. Both feature 100 gsm nonwoven polypropylene for strength and full wraparound handles for durability. Both also have a bottom insert: ...READ MORE...

Five Great Uses for Insulated Grocery Bags (Nope, Shopping Isn’t One of Them!)

There are a bunch of reasons why clients love our insulated grocery bags. We are pretty sure that one of these reasons has to do with how their usefulness extends beyond the checkout line. Really, it goes without saying. Take a durable reusable bag. Line it with insulating material, for the purpose of keeping its contents cool or warm for longer. Boom! Super-useful, multi-purpose tote! ...READ MORE...

Product Review: Extra Large Insulated Grocery Bag

If you are looking for an extra large insulated grocery bag, then we have the perfect bag for you! Our Jumbo Insulated Recycled Grocery Bag is HUGE! As the name implies, its made from recycled PET and is perfect for catering companies, restaurants and bakeries, delivery services, and markets that need a bag that will hold boxes or many items, while keeping them cold and fresh! It would also be a great alternative to a hard-sided cooler for picnics and the beach. ...READ MORE...