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Category Archives: Reusable Bag Tips

The Best Material for Reusable Beach Bags!

beach bagsSummer is here, and beach days are in full swing. Whether you’re planning a relaxing day by the ocean or an adventurous outing with friends, a good beach bag is essential for carrying your towels, sunscreen, snacks, and other essentials. While there are plenty of options on the market, the material of your beach bag plays a crucial role in its functionality, durability, and environmental impact. Here’s a breakdown of the best materials for reusable beach bags to help you make an informed choice! Continue reading

Custom Reusable Shopping Bags: Why We Love Them!

In an era where environmental consciousness is on the rise, the call to reduce single-use plastic has become increasingly urgent. One small but significant step towards a greener future lies in the adoption of custom reusable shopping bags. These versatile and eco-friendly alternatives not only serve as practical companions during grocery runs, but also make a bold statement showcasing your brand and values! We’ve been in the promotional products industry for nearly 20 years, so we’ve helped with countless projects creating custom reusable shopping bags. Here’s a few reasons why we love them, and why you should consider them for your next project! Continue reading

Shop Promotional Products: Don’t Make This Mistake!

promotional productsThere is an overwhelming number of promotional products out there to choose from. And the fact of the matter is …choosing the right one for your audience can be tough. There’s nothing worse than putting time, effort, and money into a promotional products campaign only for it not to connect with your audience. There’s a lot of aspects that affect the outcome, but most of it boils down to the product you’re choosing …and you don’t want to choose the wrong one. Continue reading

5 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Custom Reusable Bag

Cotton Tote BagWe know it can be overwhelming to start a promotional products project. There are thousands of different products out there that can be customized, and it’s hard to know where to start. It seems that everyone has something you can slap a logo onto and start selling. But to create custom promotional products that are effective and meaningful for your brand, it takes much more intention than that. Let’s take custom reusable bags for instance. What do you do when you decide that bags are the product you want to create? We’ve compiled our top 5 tips to help you start your project and see it through! Continue reading

Five Drawstring Backpack Promotions That Create Buzz

drawstring backpackDrawstring backpacks are a promotional products staple, especially this time of year as the weather warms up and more people are getting outside! They’re a classic bag style that seems to be timeless. Maybe it’s because they can be used for so many different occasions.

There are countless ways to incorporate drawstring backpack promotions into your marketing mix—no matter what your organization represents. The imprint area on these bags is large, making it the perfect canvas for all sorts of artwork! Here are five ways to create a buzz and jumpstart your next promotion with drawstring backpacks: Continue reading

5 Hacks for Insulated Cooler Bags You’ll Love

Insulated Cooler Bag HacksI see you hanging up your winter coat and looking at pictures from last summer’s beach days…. winter isn’t over yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! Spring is around the corner and that means we can officially start getting excited about warmer weather! Our insulated cooler bags are ready to rock into spring, summer and beyond! Plus, they can do duty year-round as food delivery bags and insulated grocery bags. If you’re lucky enough to live in a mild climate all the time (sigh….), then you can definitely put these hacks to good use now! Continue reading

Custom Pouches: The Perfect Travel Accessory

Custom PouchesIt’s been a long time since we’ve been able to travel. COVID-19 was an unexpected event that none of us planned for, and luckily things seem to be slowly going back to normal. Many countries are opening up for tourists and travel again which we are so happy to see! With the itch to get back to traveling, you may realize you forgot all of your best travel tips and tricks. This is where custom pouches come in handy!

Travel doesn’t have to mean getting on a plane, it’s also as simple as your commute to work. When going overseas or into an office, custom pouches are some of the best accessories to stay organized. They’re perfect to throw in a tote bag for an easy way to organize your bag or to store in a travel bag to make sure your things don’t get thrown around or destroyed. We’re going to talk about 4 reasons why we love custom pouches and the many uses you can get out of each one. Continue reading

Insulated Grocery Bags and Tips for a Memorable Summer

Insulated Grocery BagSummer is coming and COVID is going! With the ease of CDC restrictions and the rise of warm weather, we are all ready to pack our bags and enjoy the sun. Spending a day at the beach, getting to experience farmer’s markets, and going to outdoor events are all things we have been wishing and waiting for since last year. With the anticipation of finally being able to do events, one of the most important things is making sure that you are prepared for the fun ahead!

Making sure you have a properly insulated grocery bag and other accessories with you can make (or break) your experience. With the hot sun gazing down on any activities you may have in store, it’s important to make sure the warm weather doesn’t end up hurting your time rather than helping it. Below are some tips on what to pack on your next outing to make sure you beat the heat! Continue reading

Reusable Wine Bags

What better way to effectively market your winery, liquor or specialty grocery store than with custom reusable wine bags! Make sure your customers carry their wine home or to friend and family gatherings in style. Wineries, of all businesses, understand the devastating impact pollution can have on the environment. Reusable wine bags can help reduce paper and plastic waste while promoting your brand and messaging. Continue reading

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Custom Lululemon Bags

Custom Lululemon Bags“You know those custom Lululemon bags? Can you do those for me?” This is probably one of the top questions we get asked—true story! Bulletin Bag’s answer has always been, “YES!!” Now, however, it’s even easier to get started on your own project with your own custom Lululemon style bag!

Once our clients find out the answer to their burning question about custom Lululemon bags, they get excited! But, there’s a lot about these bags that many people don’t realize. Here are five things you likely didn’t know about those custom Lululemon bags: Continue reading