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Our university and college clients are always on the lookout for custom reusable bags for students. Drawstring backpacks are popular for their lightweight, easy to stash qualities. Laptop backpacks and duffel bags are a must for long days with no break. And since most college students go food shopping, simple reusable grocery bags are always in style! Whatever the bag you're looking for, we've got them all!

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Custom Bags for Colleges & Universities

There are so many different ways schools can make use of branded bags, from selling in bookstores, to using them as fundraisers and goodie bags for newly accepted students. No matter what type of bag your institution is looking for, we have options for every occasion and can work with your directly to create the perfect bags. ...READ MORE...

Our Top 6 Best Selling Custom Bags for College Students

We have lots and lots of clients involved in our future’s higher education. In looking at trends and popular items over the last week, we discovered that some of our custom bags have a disproportionate following with our college clients! ...READ MORE...

Our Newest Tritan Water Bottle is Sticker-ready!

OSU Campus Dining Services joined the campus-wide effort to go green this fall by making the switch from plastic bags to reusable polyester bags. Prior to the start of the 2011-2012 school year, plastic bags alone were available at most campus dining locations for students to carry their meals home in. ...READ MORE...

Cheap Reusable Bags for Fundraisers: Look Past Your Purchasing Budget

Buying the most bags you can get for your money makes sense, right? At first glance, it might seem that way. However, this is not usually the way to maximize a return on your investment. ...READ MORE...