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Tag Archives: Custom Tote Bags

Custom Tote Bags with Logo: The Ultimate Swag Statement

In the realm of event planning and branding, every little detail matters. From the color scheme to the decorations, the goal is to create a memorable experience that leaves a lasting impression on attendees! Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, festival, party, or anything in between! One often underestimated but highly effective way to achieve this is through the use of custom tote bags with your logo! These seemingly simple accessories have the power to transform an event from ordinary to extraordinary, all while promoting your brand and providing attendees with a functional and stylish keepsake! Continue reading

Crush Your Fitness Goals with Custom Tote Bags!

When you think of workout gear, the first things that come to mind are probably weights, sneakers, workout clothes, reusable water bottles, and all the things you normally see in a gym or home studio. But don’t overlook the importance of custom tote bags when setting your fitness goals! Having the right gym bag is crucial to your success. Not only for staying consistent with your exercise and enjoying your experience at the gym, but custom tote bags also serve as a way for studios and gyms to connect with their clients! People love to sport their favorite studio’s logo on custom merch, and gym bags are no different! Continue reading

Our Favorite Lunch Totes for Back to School!

We are just a few days away from the start of September, and with that comes a new school year! As parents, staff, and students start to prepare for the year ahead, the to-do list can get quite long. From school supplies, uniforms/clothes, gear for extracurriculars, and more, there’s a lot to do and get before the first day of classes! Let’s talk about something that might be overlooked but shouldn’t be, and that’s custom lunch totes! Continue reading

Stay Organized this Spring with the Large Utility Tote!

Large Tote BagWith the second semester of school underway and the spring season around the corner, there are lots of events to look forward to as the weather starts to warm up! Sports games, road trips, and graduations are just a few of the fun occasions on the horizon. Having a go-to bag that you can put in the back of the car for food, snacks, clothes, and more is an essential part of the big game or a long drive. If you’re looking for a bag that can do just that, look no further than the Large Utility Tote! Continue reading

A Classic Promotional Bag: The Square Tote Bag!

Square Tote BagThere are thousands of bag options out there to choose from when deciding on your next promotional product. Different materials, design styles, printing options and more can play a role in finding the perfect bag. Out of all the different options, there is one bag that we’d like to highlight, as it’s the perfect option for so many occasions: the Square Tote Bag! Square tote bags are extremely popular within many different industries, because they can serve so many purposes! Continue reading

Cotton: A More Sustainable Material for Reusable Bags

Cotton Tote BagCotton is a very common material used to make reusable bags, in addition to clothing, household goods, and accessories! Its use is becoming even more widespread among different industries as the demand for sustainably made products increases. It’s a natural material that is considered to be more sustainable than other alternatives, and of course, it can be quite soft and comfortable to use! We offer a wide variety of cotton products, so let’s discuss where cotton comes from in the first place! Continue reading

Staff Review: Recycled Cotton Twill Tote

recycled cotton twill toteCotton tote bags have been making a big comeback this season. Everyone is looking for reusable tote bags since they are easy to use and cute to style. Every brand seems to have their own collection of cotton totes, so how do you set yourself apart? Simple, you add some flare! Our Recycled Cotton Twill Tote is perfect for an eye-catching tote bag that’s also easy on the planet!

We love this tote since it is made from 70%-80% recycled cotton and 20%-30% PET. The combination gives this bag a heathered look, that is soft to the touch and lightweight. This tote is also an eco-friendly option and gives back to nonprofits dedicated to helping the planet with 1% For the Planet. This organization donates 1% of profits to various nonprofits that are actively trying to help the planet and the climate crisis. Continue reading