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Tag Archives: Drawstring Backpacks

Custom Drawstring Bags: For the School Semester Ahead!

drawstring backpackWinter break is over, and the kids are heading back to school! It’s hard to believe we’re about to kick off the second semester of school, and with that comes lots of opportunities for custom promotional products for your school club, event, team, or staff. One category of promotional products that we love for the school year is custom drawstring bags. They’re great to have for after-school sports, clubs, and more because they’re lightweight but can hold a lot of stuff! They’re perfect for things like cleats, a change of clothes, snacks, a reusable water bottle, school supplies, or anything else a student might need throughout the day or after school. No need to carry around a heavy backpack while on the go after school throughout the semester! Plus they’re easy to customize …just add your team’s mascot to create custom merch for a school sports team and add the players name too! Continue reading

Achieve Your Goals with Our Custom Gym Bags!

Custom Gym BagsHappy New Year from your friends at Bulletin Brands! We know that this time of year is the time when we all reflect on the year ahead and get clear on the goals we would like to achieve! We get organized, create an action plan, and get working on whatever our goals may be. Whether your goals are health, fitness, financial, or personal, we are here to help. We have the gear and equipment to help get you there, like our custom gym bags! Continue reading

Popular Custom Drawstring Backpacks Comparison: Staff Review

Drawstring Backpack ComparisonCustom drawstring backpacks. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they can be a pretty great addition to your branding project. They’re lightweight and super portable. In this staff review, we compare two of our most popular drawstring backpacks: The Classic Cinchpack and the Cinch Bag with Mesh Pocket.

Overall, both of these drawstring backpacks are pretty similar. After all, the nature of the bag is simplistic in design, and there’s not too much to expand on. Our staff tester tried out these two bags in relatively spontaneous ways: a picnic lunch, collecting things to take home during a hike, quick trip the store for just a few items, and carrying art supplies when heading to the park for a little R&R and art.  Continue reading