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Tag Archives: Nonwoven Polypropylene

Staff Review: Solid Laminated Gift Bag with Snap

Solid Laminated Gift Bag with SnapLaminated gift bags are among our most popular products we sell. But they don’t usually come with a closure, unless you order custom bags. Enter the Solid Laminated Gift Bag with Snap!

This is a super-cute bag that offers great logo printing space on a solid canvas. The gusset color is the same as the front and back and it’s all finished with a matte lamination, which is also a hard-to-find characteristic! Continue reading

Horizontal Thermal Tote: Staff Review

Horizontal Thermal ToteLooking for a custom insulated bag that’s not too small and not too big, like the one Goldilocks would gravitate towards? You’ve found just the bag with our Horizontal Thermal Tote!

This custom insulated tote features a three-sided zipper on top, which allows for more food to be stowed inside without getting smooshed when you close it and also keeps the cold inside, where it’s supposed to be! Continue reading

What are Polypropylene Bags? What IS Polypropylene Anyway?

We have lots of polypropylene bags on our site. Most are nonwoven polypropylene, and a few are woven polypropylene. But, why are there so many out there? And what IS polypropylene anyway?

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic that was first created in 1954. From consumer goods (like reusable bags!) to automotive, and even furniture, polypropylene is one of the top 3 polymers used today! Not surprisingly, it’s also one of the cheapest plastics, which is why so much is made from it, including reusable bags! Continue reading

Faux Cotton Tote Bags: A Closer Look

Faux Cotton Tote BagsLast month we added two faux cotton tote bags to our product lineup: the Faux Cotton Nonwoven Shopper and Faux Cotton Nonwoven Square Tote. These bags are at once familiar and completely unexpected. Here’s why.

Familiar? Yes! These custom totes look like cotton but in reality, they’re nonwoven polypropylene—the same material you find in bestsellers like our Big Thunder Grocery Tote and Medium Nonwoven Grocery Bag. Not only that, but it’s laminated! So you have the durability of nonwoven with smooth lamination that makes for easy spray-and-wipe cleaning!  Continue reading

Nonwoven Shopping Tote: Staff Review

Nonwoven Shopping ToteIf you’re looking for a big bag that will be filled with lighter items, the Nonwoven Shopping Tote may be just the bag for you!

This bag is quite a bit bigger than it seems like it would be. Our staff reviewer thinks it’s perfect for a retail setting that necessitates a lot of bag space for large or bulky purchases, like clothing or bedding. The Nonwoven Shopping Tote can be ordered with a plastic bottom insert for an additional charge, and that adds more stability to the bag, and helps it keep its shape. Continue reading

Reusable Lunch Bags Staff Review: Snack Tote vs. Insulated Therm-o-Snack

We offer lots of reusable lunch bags to print your logo on. For the most part, it’s fairly easy to spot the differences between them (material, shape, size, etc). However, we have two bags—the Snack Tote and the Insulated Therm-o-Snack—that seem pretty similar on the surface. In this staff review, we explain the differences so you can decide which is the better fit for your organization’s needs.  Continue reading

Want an Insulated Reusable Bag at a Great Price? Our Therm-o-Tote Fits the Bill

Therm-o-Tote insulated reusable bagWe love the insulated, durable Therm-o-Tote. Seriously. It’s such a great bag that you would think it would come at a higher price.

The Therm-o-tote is constructed in a similar fashion to our Big Thunder Grocery Tote. Both feature 100 gsm nonwoven polypropylene for strength and full wraparound handles for durability. Both also have a bottom insert.

Pair all of that with an insulated lining, and you have a great bag for grocery shopping, picnics, the beach—or anywhere you need to keep food or drink warm or cold. Our staff reviewer uses the Therm-o-Tote insulated reusable bag for all of the above! Just don’t forget to wash it inside-out in warm, soapy water or spray the inside and wipe it down.

Plastic Bag Bans Coming Your Way? New Folding Shopping Bags Worth Looking At

So you live in Los Angeles, where plastic bags are most likely going to be banned starting in 2014. What to do? Take advantage of the opportunity and choose a fabulous folding shopping bag to put your logo on! Here are two new Bulletin Bag [.com] options worth considering:

colorful_foldable_shopping_tote Continue reading

Staff Reviews are Back! The Standard Grocery Bag vs. The Non Woven Carry-All

standard_grocery_bag_80_gsmOur staff reviews are back! Did you miss them? We hope so!  This go around, we’re looking at two popular nonwoven polypropylene grocery bags. At first glance, our Standard Grocery Bag appears to be similar to our Non Woven Carry-All, but they’re really very different bags.

The Standard Grocery Bag is made from 80 GSM nonwoven polypropylene, and has a bottom insert for stability.   The handle construction, with a reinforced band at top (see photo), allows for a wider imprint than some of our other nonwoven polypropylene bags, and you can even specify a PMS color for no additional charge. This bag can also be delivered quickly without rush charges. If you’re on a tight timeframe, we can most likely get this bag to you in time!

Continue reading