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Tag Archives: Recycling

Promote Healthy Living with Eco-Friendly Bags

Eco-Friendly BagsPromoting and living a healthy lifestyle is something that more and more people are working towards. While you’re improving your health, you can also improve the environment. Eco-friendly bags are perfect for your new schedule and for reducing single-use plastics. This change will benefit you in the long run since a healthier Earth means a healthier you!

Eco-friendly bags in our mind are any bags that you can use to replace single-use plastic bags. These eco-friendly bags can be made from any material and used for any purpose! We love reusable bags when we’re travelling, going shopping, or to any event where we need to bring some items. They’re also perfect for events or project where you won’t want to carry everything in your hands. Continue reading

Reducing Single Use Plastics with ChicoBag Custom Reusable Bags

Bulletin Bag’s goal of reducing the need for single use plastic bags is an important step in the broader reduction of unnecessary waste. But another important piece is ensuring that our manufacturers care as much as we do. One factory that is making amazing strides in environmental sustainability is ChicoBag. ChicoBag’s president, Andy Keller, has introduced a wide variety of initiatives to help drive forward these goals.

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We’ve Added More than 20 New Custom Bags and Pouches!

Whew! During the past two months, we have added more than 20 new items to our website, which means your choices for custom bags have grown by more than 10%!

We try hard to listen to what is important to you and find products that address those wants and needs, while maintaining our commitment to integrity and safety. The lesson here? Fill out our post-delivery Client Happiness Gauge survey. You could win a Starbucks card, true, but your feedback really does help drive new product selections!

So, what are you telling us?? Well, you don’t want to see 20 of the same type of bag. You want 20 different options, vetted by our staff, that will bring your branding project to life. Continue reading

Recycled, Recyclable, Reusable—What’s the Difference, Anyway?

america_recycles_dayNovember 15 has marked America Recycles Day since 1997. It’s the only nationally recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling in the United States.

But what’s the difference between a recycled item, an item that’s recyclable, and something reusable? The three words are often interchanged, but they shouldn’t be. Continue reading

Plastic Bag Recycling? Not So Fast …

thoughtfully_committed_citizens.jpgLast month, we wrote about a draft ordinance in Portland, Maine, to ban plastic bags. While it ultimately didn’t take off here (yet!), it has definitely gotten the community talking.

Local landfill and waste managers are speaking up about the damage that plastic bags are doing at their facilities. Three years ago, we first talked about how plastic bags wreak havoc at recycling facilities. Well, that problem hasn’t gone away. C’mon. You really can’t be surprised.

Even though there is a recycling symbol on plastic bags, and even though modern recycling technology makes it possible recycle almost any household item, plastic bags should not be recycled in your curbside bins. Automated single-stream recycling equipment can’t sort them—even if they don’t blow away first.

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Texas Rubbish Company Starts Plastic Bag Recycling Program

bagsatlandfillIf you aren’t living in an area where plastic bags have been banned, there are other options to cut down on the rubbish! Texas Disposal Systems has begun operating a citywide, single-stream bag recycling program in Georgetown.

Residents can recycle large quantities of single-use plastic bags by putting them into a special bag. That container is then placed in the regular curbside recycling bins for pickup.

Neighboring Austin’s bag restriction law is set to take effect in March. TDS says the city currently doesn’t include bags in its curbside collection and recycling program. Here’s hoping that changes soon—restricting plastic bags while enabling easy, effective recycling options are both key to reducing the impact of plastic trash!

Plastic Bag Bans This Week: The Good, The Bad, and The Misleading

bagsatlandfillIn a follow up to the blog we wrote about 13-year-old Abby Goldberg, an Illinois plastic shopping bag recycling program was rejected last week. Lawmakers there declined to override Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of the plan. Earlier this year, Abby successfully lobbied Quinn to veto the legislation that lawmakers had approved in the spring.

The proposal would have required manufacturers of plastic bags and films to recycle more material, but opponents decried the legislation because it wouldn’t let local communities come up with their own recycling programs or even ban the bags outright. The rejection is great news for Abby, who wanted plastic bags banned in her town (the ban has yet to be approved).

For every step forward in increasing reusable grocery bag use, though, there seems to be a step backward…

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Sustainability on Campus: University of Maine is Making a Difference

usgbc_logoThe Princeton Review’s Guide to 322 Green Colleges: 2012 Edition was recently released, in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council. The guide profiles—yep, you guessed it—322 schools that demonstrate a notable commitment to sustainability. It lists vital stats on eco-friendliness and covers everything from solar panel use and green majors to fair-trade fashion and green options for getting around campus.

In 2011, Green Rating scores were tallied for 768 colleges and universities. Of those, only 18 schools attained top scores of 99. Bulletin Bag [.com], based in Maine, is proud to say that the University of Maine is among this elite group of 18.

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Graduating in a Recycled Plastic Bottle

This year’s Rhode Island College graduates will receive their diplomas in recycled plastic bottles! Not literally, of course, but their traditional black caps and gowns are made from an eco-friendly material called GreenWeaver. The fabric is spun from molten plastic pellets, which are produced completely from recycled plastic bottles (about 23 per gown).


After the ceremony, the gowns will be recycled (again!) into carpet. We think this is an amazing way to keep reusing materials, and yet another reason why recycling is so important. Swapping your disposable bottles for reusable water bottles is best, but if you can’t bear to do that, at least make sure they’re properly recycled!

Know What To Recycle This Holiday

recycle1.jpg‘Tis the season to give, and we hope that when you’re done giving, you recycle as much as you can. But did you know that exactly what can go in your recycle container is not necessarily cut and dry?

We wrote a blog back in 2009–a guidebook, if you will, of how to recycle holiday waste. It talks about recycling wrapping paper, shipping materials, and more! We suggest reading it now, so it’s fresh in your mind when you stare down your wrapping paper mountains this month.

Did we miss something? Have a great tip to share? Tell us. If not, have a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you in 2012!