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Category Archives: Plastic Bag Bans

Custom Reusable Bags: Here to Stay

Custom Reusable BagsIf you’re reading this and still think that using custom reusable bags for your organization’s messaging is a fad, think again. They’re here to stay—evidenced by the number of plastic bag bans and ordinances that have been passed in municipalities all over the United States. Or you may be thinking that custom reusable bags aren’t worth your time because everyone is doing them. Also not true. Although custom reusable bags are an extremely popular promotional product, they have been shown time and time again to be tremendously effective. Continue reading

Reusable Shopping Bags: What Are Your Options?

Reusable Shopping BagsRecently, our state passed a bag ban on plastic bags (read more about it here). We’ve been thinking about these changes and how we are going to adapt to this ban. Bringing reusable shopping bags with us as we run our errands is a change that we’re all getting used to.

One thing that makes this change easier is having reusable shopping bags that are perfectly suited for all your trips out and about. Reusable shopping bags can be simple or complex. From quick runs to a full day of shopping, we have a bag that will fit your every requirement and need! Continue reading

Maine’s Bag Ban: What Is Changing?

Bag Bans On July 1st, our home state of Maine passed a statewide ban on plastic bags. This bag ban on single use plastic bags is a great step towards being more environmentally friendly. These plastic bags are flimsy and easily destructible. Retailers will now be carrying paper bags, reusable plastic bags, or both. Some single use plastics are exempt from this law, including pharmacy bags and deli bags.

Maine passed legislature to ban single use plastic bags in 2019, but coronavirus put a halt to everyone’s plans. The bag ban got pushed back twice since the pandemic happened. The first delay was because of concerns about spreading germs and the virus. It was then delayed a second time due to disruption in packing supplies brought on by the pandemic. Now if you’re caught at the store without a reusable bag, you’ll have to pay for them. Continue reading

Bag Bans: Finding A Good Alternative

Bag BansRecently more and more states have been passing legislation to ban plastic bags. Banning plastic bags is an environmentally friendly step towards decreasing plastic waste. Each state is doing different things, with some businesses completely banning plastic bags and others charging fees for them. This rise in bag bans has caused many businesses to think about carrying reusable bag options.

Reusable bags are a great way to make a memorable impression. Being able to display your logo on a great bag will catch people’s eyes left and right. A sturdy reusable bag is that added touch to your next project or event that makes it shine! We’ve added some new bags to our collection that we’re sure will be a big hit. Continue reading

Banning the Ban That Encourages Reusable Shopping Bags?

Reusable Shopping Bags Encouraged Despite BanDid you hear the one about the law banning the law banning the bag? Seriously, it’s a thing (in Minnesota, at least). But don’t worry, as some retailers are rewarding those stalwart citizens who bring reusable shopping bags anyway!

It all started last year. Minneapolis city council passed an ordinance banning plastic bags, as may other countries, cities, and states worldwide have done over the past several years. That ordinance, which should have started on June 1, 2017, set the wheels in motion for affected retailers. Note the use of the words “should have”. Continue reading

Five Years Later…Still Using Plastic Bags for Good!

6658-tps-mats-3It’s December, the season of giving. While we hope to consider those less fortunate all year long, we thought now was a great time to remind you of the good that can come from plastic bags.

Wait…what? Those trashy plastic bags are good? Really? Now, we didn’t say that. But as long as those pesky single-use bags are being used, there will be ways to spin them into something good. And by “spin” we mean it literally! Continue reading

Living and Breathing Custom Reusable Bags: 10 Years at Bulletin Bag [.com]

Ten Years Later: Jennifer Christensen and Suzette Bergeron

In September, Jennifer Christensen celebrated ten years of working at Future Bulletins (parent company to Bulletin Bag). We recently sat down with her to find out more about custom reusable bags, her job, and the future.

Future Bulletins: So, ten years! How does it feel?

Jennifer Christensen: It’s just so hard to believe, actually! The company is growing and changing so fast. I really have to stop and think about all that’s happened in the past decade! Continue reading

Reusable Bags: Activist Abby Fights On!

We first introduced you to Abby Goldberg three years ago (almost to the day!).

As a 13 year old in 2012, she helped persuade former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn into vetoing legislation that would have created a statewide plastic bag recycling program, while at the same time forbidding local bans on plastic bag.

As we predicted, Abby (now a high school junior) still has great passion for reducing plastic bag consumption. Continue reading

Reusable Bags Only? The Single Use Plastic Bag Loophole

o-PLASTIC-BAG-570On July 1, Hawaii became the first state in the country to enforce a ban on single use plastic bags. However, a loophole in the law is opening the door to a plastic bag that’s even worse for the environment than the old bags.

The fault lies in the way a reusable bag is defined: “a bag with handles that is specifically designed and manufactured for multiple reuse” and is made of durable materials, including plastic that is at least 2.25 mils thick. So, plastic bag manufacturers starting making—you guessed it—THICKER single use plastic bags. Only now…they’re calling them reusable bags! Continue reading