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Tag Archives: Fundraisers

Five Drawstring Backpack Promotions That Create Buzz

drawstring backpackDrawstring backpacks are a promotional products staple, especially this time of year as the weather warms up and more people are getting outside! They’re a classic bag style that seems to be timeless. Maybe it’s because they can be used for so many different occasions.

There are countless ways to incorporate drawstring backpack promotions into your marketing mix—no matter what your organization represents. The imprint area on these bags is large, making it the perfect canvas for all sorts of artwork! Here are five ways to create a buzz and jumpstart your next promotion with drawstring backpacks: Continue reading

Cheap Reusable Bags for Fundraisers: Look Past Your Purchasing Budget

Cheap Reusable Bags for Fundraisers: Look Past the BudgetMany of our nonprofit clients hold reusable bag fundraisers and most think they want cheap reusable bags to resell. After all, buying the most bags you can get for your money makes sense, right? At first glance, it might seem that way. However, this is not usually the way to maximize a return on your investment.

We understand that money is tighter than ever before. There is a lot of competition between equally worthy organizations for that money. While not all nonprofit demographics will support a $10 or $20 per-bag fundraiser, finding a “sweet spot” between initial cost and return will yield a much more successful fundraiser than you think.

Don’t believe us? Consider these three examples: Continue reading

Nonprofit Water Bottle Giveaway: Ten Days Left!

your_logo_imgOur water bottle division’s nonprofit water bottle giveaway contest isn’t over yet! Join the seven great schools and nonprofits already entered to win 100 Child Safe Aluminum Water Bottles for a fundraiser! Check out these awesome entries (so far!):

1. “The Pittsburg Tote Bag Project collects new & gently used tote bags to donate to local food pantries. We will use the bottles to encourage reuse & give back to our supporters who donate from the community! We want to live our mission so reusable bottles are a great PR tool for us to help our neighbors”

Continue reading

Win a Custom Water Bottle Fundraiser

your_logo_imgOur custom water bottle division (Bulletin Bottle [.com] ) is giving away 100 Child Safe Aluminum Water Bottles to one lucky school or nonprofit to use as a fundraiser, and the proceeds are 100% theirs to keep!

It’s easy to enter your favorite school or nonprofit. Post on their Facebook wall why yours should win custom water bottles, and spread the word! On April 20 the post with the most ‘likes’ wins, so tell everyone to ‘like’ Bulletin Bottle [.com] and ‘like’ your post!

Have a worthy organization in mind? Nominate them! Ready to enter? Want to learn more? Visit Bulletin Bottle’s contest page or

Use Custom Shopping Bags for Charity

In Southwest Virginia, remembering to bring custom shopping bags can earn money for charity! “Raising the Ante” is a program at Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op in which shoppers earn a poker chip for every reusable shopping bag they use. Each chip is worth $0.05.


Customers drop their poker chips into a box representing one of four charities that change monthly. At the end of each month, all the poker chips are tallied, and that money is donated back to the charities.

The majority of the donated funds come from the store’s cost savings on paper and plastic bags. Those bags cost the store between three and nine cents each.

Since the program began in November 2011, more than $6000 has been raised–equivalent to a reduction of 66,000 paper and plastic bags.

Nonprofit Reusable Bag Giveaway Winner Announced!

cg_latitudes_pictureOur reusable bag contest ended on October 14. Nonprofit organizations and school groups posted on our Facebook wall the reasons why they needed 200 reusable bags. Using the power of social media, they then spread the word far and wide to get ‘likes’ for their post.

The winner of our first-ever giveaway is Alpha Phi Omega at San Jose State University, a coed community service-based organization. They plan to use the bags at a dinner to benefit Wild Care Bay Area.

We also had nine other wonderful organizations submit entries.

Continue reading

Win A Reusable Bag Fundraiser!

Hey, Nonprofits and Schools! Tired of fundraisers with low return on investment? Here’s your chance to WIN a reusable bag fundraiser, and the proceeds are 100% yours to keep!


Bulletin Bag [.com] is giving away 200 Drawstring Latitudes Foldaway Shopper bags—printed with YOUR logo–-to the winning school or nonprofit! The suggested sell price is $10 per bag, but the winner ultimately sets the price based on how much they want to earn. If the bags sell for $10 each, the nonprofit could make $2000!

Continue reading

Ziploc Launches School Fundraising Program To Increase Recycling

Ziploc recently announced a partnership with TerraCycle to provide a fundraising opportunity exclusively for schools. Through the Ziploc® Brigade, schools can collect bags and containers of any size and send them free of charge to TerraCycle to be turned into new plastic-based products.  For each bag or container collected, Ziploc® and TerraCycle will pay two cents back to the school. The program is a fun and easy way for parents and teachers to empower children to make a difference while learning about the importance of recycling and reusing.

“We are really pleased to be adding new materials to our collection programs,” said TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky. “It’s exciting to be able to find new uses for more and more materials that would otherwise be ending up in landfills and giving schools a much needed fundraising opportunity at the same time.” Many recycling centers around the country only accept plastics 1 and 2, and this program is targeted at keeping plastics 3 thorough 7 out of landfills.

Schools can take this awesome initiative one step further by incorporating a reusable grocery bag fundraiser to make even more money for schools. We think that this trend towards more eco-friendly fundraisers that teach our youth and change mindsets about reusing and recycling is wonderful. Anytime we bring reusable shopping bags in lieu of plastic and paper bags, recycle meal containers, or take any other small step towards a better environment—while making money for our schools—is a win-win situation!