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Category Archives: Reusable Bag Tips

Five [Other] Uses for Custom Laminated Bags

Custom Laminated BagsWhether purchased in small quantities of 100, or fully customized and ordered by the thousands, custom laminated bags are popular items around here! The smooth, shiny feel of the material combines with bright logos and bold colors appeal to a wide range of marketers and retail stores alike (check out our client’s bag to the left!). Plus, since lamination is slick, it’s easier to clean that an uncoated bag made from the same material (simply wipe it down with a wet cloth or disinfectant spray).

Our custom laminated bags are made using woven polypropylene, nonwoven polypropylene, or recycled PET and come in many different sizes, colors, and materials. This is great for the purpose of making your logo pop for a reusable bag project, but what happens after you give the bag away? Likely, they are reused, perhaps as a grocery bag. After all, the laminated coating allows the rectangular bag to better maintain its shape, which enables easier packing at checkout.

But there are lots of other uses for custom laminated bags once you’re done using them. Here are our favorite five ways to repurpose them: Continue reading

Wholesale Folding Bags: What You Need to Know

Wholesale Folding BagsMore and more municipalities across the country are enacting plastic bag bans or fees, and shoppers are finding ways to adapt. As a result, folding bags, in large part due to their incredible convenience, are more popular than ever. However, there’s more to buying wholesale folding bags than you’d think. Here are some things to consider when deciding on those ultra-portable reusable bags that collapse, fold, or stuff into smaller footprints.  Continue reading

Custom Wedding Totes: Keepsakes with Meaning

100_4194We at Bulletin Bag [.com] have a good number of clients who are shopping for custom wedding totes, either for themselves or for a loved one who’s getting married. Wedding favors have become an integral part of a couple’s celebration. Many are forgoing small, somewhat disposable tokens for larger gifts that can be kept—and used—by wedding guests long after the special day has passed.

Custom wedding totes are a thoughtful choice for a couple looking for a lasting keepsake for their guests. Any of our reusable bags can be printed with special artwork, lettering, or even a photograph in many cases, resulting in a treasured personal memento. Continue reading

Five Great Uses for Insulated Grocery Bags (Nope, Shopping Isn’t One of Them!)

Insulated Grocery BagsThere are a bunch of reasons why clients love our insulated grocery bags. We are pretty sure that one of these reasons has to do with how their usefulness extends beyond the checkout line.

Really, it goes without saying. Take a durable reusable bag. Line it with insulating material, for the purpose of keeping its contents cool or warm for longer. Boom! Super-useful, multi-purpose tote!

“Oh, come on. They’re grocery bags. Meant for grocery stores,” you say. “What else would you use them for?” Here are five great uses for insulated grocery bags—that don’t include grocery shopping: Continue reading

Bulk Reusable Shopping Bags for Retail Stores

bulk reusable bags retailAre you thinking of buying bulk reusable shopping bags for your retail store? Whether you’re looking for custom nonwoven grocery bags, cotton reusable bags, or full color custom reusable bags, we want to help you find the best fit for your brand!

Bulletin Bag [.com] features bulk reusable shopping bags that can be printed with your store’s logo or messaging. Because bulk reusable shopping bags are available at virtually all price points, and are so widely used, they’re the perfect compliment to a retailer’s marketing efforts. Continue reading

Customized Bags: Experience Outweighs Price

Customized BagsAbout a month ago, we lost a bid by $250 for 30,000 customized bags. The client was focused strictly on the bottom line and didn’t take into consideration the experience (or lack thereof) of the lowest bidder.

Last week, their bag project fell apart. The vendor they chose couldn’t meet their deadline after all, and they turned to us for help. A month ago, we could have easily accommodated them, but at that point they had to either rush the order or forego the project.  Continue reading

Reusable Lunch Bags Staff Review: Snack Tote vs. Insulated Therm-o-Snack

We offer lots of reusable lunch bags to print your logo on. For the most part, it’s fairly easy to spot the differences between them (material, shape, size, etc). However, we have two bags—the Snack Tote and the Insulated Therm-o-Snack—that seem pretty similar on the surface. In this staff review, we explain the differences so you can decide which is the better fit for your organization’s needs.  Continue reading