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Tag Archives: USA Made

We’ve Added More than 20 New Custom Bags and Pouches!

Whew! During the past two months, we have added more than 20 new items to our website, which means your choices for custom bags have grown by more than 10%!

We try hard to listen to what is important to you and find products that address those wants and needs, while maintaining our commitment to integrity and safety. The lesson here? Fill out our post-delivery Client Happiness Gauge survey. You could win a Starbucks card, true, but your feedback really does help drive new product selections!

So, what are you telling us?? Well, you don’t want to see 20 of the same type of bag. You want 20 different options, vetted by our staff, that will bring your branding project to life. Continue reading

Tote Bags Made in the USA, At Crazy Awesome Prices!

New Tote Bags Made in USADid you know that in some industries, more than 97% of production is done overseas. We find a similar pattern in the custom bag industry. It can be faster and less expensive to crank bags out overseas than to keep the production here in the USA, and everyone loves lower prices. Plus, it can be hard (or impossible) to source certain raw materials in the USA. These factors have typically add up to a more expensive bag, but it’s all the more reason why we’re extra excited to offer FIVE new, budget-friendly tote bags made in the USA!

Our USA made bags are typically higher-quality than comparable bags made overseas (notice we said comparable…check sizes and cotton weights to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples), and come with stories of the real-life people behind the bags (like our Tradewinds Custom Canvas Tote, which is made by people with disabilities).

While many of our clients who want USA-made bags know to expect to pay a premium, we also see that the made in USA “must-have” check-box is the first to go away when faced with budget limitations. But that’s changing…starting now! You CAN check off the USA box and keep your budget intact!  Continue reading

What’s New in 2017 with Promotional Bags?

We’ve just returned from our annual trek to the largest industry trade show of the year. In addition to walking more than 6 miles (!) of trade show floor, we spent the week brainstorming ways to make 2017 our clients’ best year ever! There are some pretty great things happening with promotional bags, and we are excited to be the first to tell you about them!

Here are our top three discoveries from the event that will transform your next branding project:  Continue reading

Custom Tote Bags: La Boîte Case Study

Custom Tote Bag La BoîteSince our USA-made custom tote bags are cut and sewn to order, we can often make modifications to the size, shape, or features of the bag.

La Boîte took full advantage of this. The company created a custom bag unlike any we’ve ever done before (which is how it should be!), and Christian Leue, Office Manager at La Boîte, took a moment out of his busy holiday season to talk to us about the company’s project! Continue reading

Six Ways to Completely Customize Made in USA Bags

Customize made in USA bagsThere are many ways to make your bag project unique, from innovative imprint designs to fully custom laminated bags. However, not every client needs 2500 bags or can wait for 90 days. We also have lots of clients who want to source locally. That’s why it’s so awesome to be able to customize made in USA bags!

Think you’re limited by choosing a cotton or recycled fabric bag? Think again! Since these bags are made to order, the lead times are less, the minimum quantity is smaller, but you’re definitely not scrimping on ways to leave your mark.

Here are six ways to customize made in USA bags to fit your unique brand: Continue reading

Five Things to Know About Custom Tote Bags USA Made

custom tote bags usa madeCustom tote bags—USA made or otherwise—are an excellent way to take your organization’s branding or messaging to the next level. Some of our tote bags are USA made, but many are not. Whether your project dictates locally sourced bags, if you’re looking into reducing your carbon footprint, or if you just want to support American workers, USA made bags are a viable option for quality tote bags.

As you start the planning process for your custom tote bags, USA made bags can have some quirks that make them unlike our others. Here are five things to keep in mind as your project unfolds:  Continue reading

Custom Duffel Bags Are Here!

Custom Duffel BagsWe’ve completed phase three of our product expansion, and Bulletin Bag [.com] is thrilled to now offer a hand-picked selection of popular custom duffel bags to our clients. Our duffels can be screenprinted, embroidered, or printed in full color with your logo or artwork.

These bags are a great choice for number of different projects because of their utility, high perceived value, and durability. From schools to sports teams, business travelers to fitness clubs—our high quality custom duffel bags convey your messaging with style. Continue reading

Election Year is Here: Political Campaign Giveaways

a1ipThe new year is in full swing and that’s exciting news if you’re part of a political campaign. It also means that there’s less than a year to make sure your campaign gets maximum exposure. Want an easy, cost-effective way to do that? Whether you’re part of a national, state, or local campaign, reusable bags (made in the USA or overseas) are an easy way to give your name high visibility.

Reusable bags are gaining popularity nationwide, both as the environmentally correct choice and because government entities have begun to recognize the financial impact that plastic bags have–and are subsequently imposing taxes, fees, and bans. This means that people are using reusable grocery bags more than ever, and if your message is on the side of it, others will see it as well. People may tie your name to eco-friendly practices and formulate favorable name recognition.

Continue reading