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Six Ways to Completely Customize Made in USA Bags

Customize made in USA bagsThere are many ways to make your bag project unique, from innovative imprint designs to fully custom laminated bags. However, not every client needs 2500 bags or can wait for 90 days. We also have lots of clients who want to source locally. That’s why it’s so awesome to be able to customize made in USA bags!

Think you’re limited by choosing a cotton or recycled fabric bag? Think again! Since these bags are made to order, the lead times are less, the minimum quantity is smaller, but you’re definitely not scrimping on ways to leave your mark.

Here are six ways to customize made in USA bags to fit your unique brand:

  1. Size: Since our made in USA bags are cut and sewn to order, it’s easy to change the standard dimensions and make the bags just the right size for your needs.
  2. Handles: Again, you can customize made in the USA bags at the time you place the order, you can specify your handle length. On certain bags, you can even specify the color!
  3. Color: On certain bags, natural cotton is only one of many options for your bag color. We have up to 20 colors of cotton, so you’re sure to find the perfect hue for your logo.
  4. Imprinting: Like our other bags, you can customize made in the USA bags with your logo or artwork. But here’s where it can get cool. In addition to printing in spot colors or in full color within a set imprint area, on some bags you can do full bleed (side to side printing), full color printing with full bleed, and even dye sublimation for the ultimate customizations!
  5. Minimalist branding: Want a subtler approach with your custom bag? Consider a tasteful full bleed imprint on the lining of your bag and leave the outside bare. Choose from 16 lining colors, and mix and match the outside, handles, and zippers for the ultimate custom canvas bag.
  6. Pockets, snaps, and more (oh my!): In addition to customizing your bag size, color, and handles, you can also add on details that you’d find in a retail bag. Want a zippered interior pocket? Done. Like to see a slip pocket on the outside for your smartphone? No problem. Snaps? Zippers? Grommets? Yes, yes, and yes.

You can customize made in USA bags to mimic ones you have seen in your favorite store, or simply add on a design element from a bag you love in your own stash. Interested in getting started? Just let us know what you’d like to design and we can get you pricing!

2 thoughts on “Six Ways to Completely Customize Made in USA Bags

  1. I am looking for a company to print on polypropylene or similar material (need your advice) for a new product I’m developing. The material needs to be washable, hand-washing would be OK. I may need cutting and sewing functions also. Would your company be interested? If necessary I can come to your facility to meet with a project manager to discuss quantities/pricing/ delivery options however I would prefer to handle as much as possible over the phone since I am currently located in Florida. My email address is and my phone number is 850.258.1392. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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