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Five Post-Covid Ways to Use USA Made Bags to Boost Your Brand

USA-Made Bags
USA-Made Cotton Canvas Bag

Did you know that according to a recent study, as many as 57% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of a company if their promotional product is USA-made? Lucky for you, Bulletin Bag is proud to offer a large, hand-picked selection of USA-made custom bags and pouches!

With events canceled, retail shops shuttered, students sent home and restaurants closed, many traditional means to get an organization’s messaging out there all but dried up in 2020 when covid-19 hit the US. However, new ways to engage are starting to emerge. Here are five ways to incorporate USA-made custom bags into your post-coronavirus marketing plans to give your brand (and maybe your bottom line) a boost.

  1. Connect with your audience while they’re staying safe at home. Whether you’re marketing to college students distance learning, employees working remotely, or communities celebrating milestones (graduations, birthdays, homecoming, and holidays), custom USA-made bags can serve as a great vehicle to let people know your organization cares. Fill the bags with surprises for an even bigger impact. The bags will be appreciated because of the sentiment and will be reused over time.
  2. Give your staff back-to-work kits with USA-made bags. Fill them with: sanitizer, pens, a reusable water bottle (all of which we can help with!), and a heartfelt welcome letter from leadership.
USA-Made Jumbo Tethered Water Bottle
  1. Promote your digital conference with real, live swag. Even if your event has moved online, it’s meaningful to have a physical presence with your brand. USA-made bags can be folded and shipped at a lower cost than more bulky items, and your attendees will like getting surprise swag in the mail. Just make sure it arrives BEFORE the event!
  2. Make PPE swag bags. Can you believe less than a year ago, that wasn’t even a thing? Take our USA-made gift bags and add a mask, contactless key ring, and some sanitizer (yes, we do all of this, too!). These can be given to employees, community members, clients, or anyone else who could use them (read: literally anyone and everyone).

Custom Face Masks

  1. Promote your newly reopened status! If your customers are anything like we are, they’re going to be SO happy that their favorite business has reopened and will be clamoring to support you! Give these away or sell them…the choice is yours. Either way, your store will be advertised whenever your customers tote their bags around town.

We are proud of our selection of USA-made custom bags and have a strong working relationship with our factories. One of them is a union shop, so if you are in need of custom bags with the union bug (or custom water bottles with the union bug), please be sure to let us know.

As always, stay safe and healthy!

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