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Custom Reusable Bags (and Bottles and Basics): Top 8 Signs of a Successful Project

In September, Promotional Products Association International completed a study of more than 1,000 consumers to provide insight into the behaviors of the recipients of the custom reusable bags, custom water bottles, and other promotional items that you buy from a company like us. Well, we hope it’s us. But we digress…

The study found a year-over-year increase of the overall advertising reach of promotional products (hint: It’s higher than any other form of advertising that provides daily exposure!). Five in 10 consumers polled stated they encounter promotional products “most of the time or at all times per day”. Need more insight into turning your custom reusable bags project into money well spent? Consider the top 8 reasons why the people surveyed hang onto promotional products:

  1. Functionality. A staggering 85% keep a product simply because it’s useful to have. Custom reusable bags, anyone?
  2. 9" FlyerEntertainment. Enjoyable? If so, 44% will hang onto it. Like, a Frisbee. Who doesn’t love a Frisbee?
  3. Design. When it meshes with your style or personality, it’s a keeper to 43% of those surveyed. Think trendy, Contigo water bottles!
  4. Experience. If the item brings the recipient back to a memorable event, 28% want to keep it. Don’t skimp on the event swag…but make sure your event rocks too!Contigo Addison
  5. Content. When you print favorable messaging on a product, 27% eat it up. C’mon…you can print that on anything!
  6. Information. Give the recipient what they need, when they need it and 24% will thank you for it! We love the example of kitchen dry erase magnets or pizza cutters Pizza Cutterfor that pizza place that delivers.
  7. Loyalty. People love what they love. That means 22% will love the item just because it supports a certain company! Hmmm, maybe we should sell Bulletin Bag branded totes…
  8. Luxury. If you offer an expensive or retail brand item, 19% will hold onto it. Our CrossCross Padfolio Pen Bundle padfolio/pen bundles are lovely. Just sayin’

So, when you’re ramping up for your next marketing project and are considering custom reusable bags, take the above into account. You may also want to note that 82% said their impression of a brand changed for the better as a direct result of receiving a promotional product. That’s money well spent, with whatever company you choose to spend it with (please be us…please be us…)!

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