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Five Things to Know About Custom Tote Bags USA Made

custom tote bags usa madeCustom tote bags—USA made or otherwise—are an excellent way to take your organization’s branding or messaging to the next level. Some of our tote bags are USA made, but many are not. Whether your project dictates locally sourced bags, if you’re looking into reducing your carbon footprint, or if you just want to support American workers, USA made bags are a viable option for quality tote bags.

As you start the planning process for your custom tote bags, USA made bags can have some quirks that make them unlike our others. Here are five things to keep in mind as your project unfolds: 

    • Made to Order: All of our USA made bags are made to order. We get your order, and the cutting and sewing begins! This is great because it allows for…
    • More Customization: Things like handle length and bag dimensions can all be tweaked with our USA made bags. There may be an additional charge, because a custom pattern will have to be made, but it can be done! We can also do edge to edge printing (called full bleed), and even dye sublimation with vibrant full color process on some of our USA made totes! The downside to these custom, made to order bags is that there’s a…
    • Longer Lead Time: It takes longer to cut, sew, and print USA made bags than others. Why? Many of our bags are stored by the thousands in a warehouse. We just count out your quantity, print them, and send them to you (it’s not quite that simple, but you get the idea). It takes a lot less time to get bags to you when they’re already made! This also means that…
    • Samples Take Longer: We know that sample bags are an important part of the decision-making process. However, if you’re looking at custom tote bags USA made, you need to know that even the samples are made to order. So just keep in mind that requesting a sample will increase the overall lead time of your project. Samples can be especially helpful when you consider that USA made bags are…
    • More than Just Cotton Totes: Many clients think, “Custom tote bags USA made” and immediately think of cotton. That’s definitely a large part of what our USA bag manufacturers produce, but we also have bags made in the USA from Ecospun, a soft recycled material made from bottles, and from hE, an exclusive weave of recycled and virgin polyester.

So when you think USA made tote bags, think about recycled materials, more customization, and the perfect bags to compliment your project!

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