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Nonwoven Shopping Tote: Staff Review

Nonwoven Shopping ToteIf you’re looking for a big bag that will be filled with lighter items, the Nonwoven Shopping Tote may be just the bag for you!

This bag is quite a bit bigger than it seems like it would be. Our staff reviewer thinks it’s perfect for a retail setting that necessitates a lot of bag space for large or bulky purchases, like clothing or bedding. The Nonwoven Shopping Tote can be ordered with a plastic bottom insert for an additional charge, and that adds more stability to the bag, and helps it keep its shape.

The handles are 28” long, and can easily hang from the shoulder–even with a bulky jacket. The handles attach to the top of the bag with a cross stitch, so it’s not really intended for heavy grocery use.

The Nonwoven Shopping Tote comes in 14 colors and has a large imprint area for your messaging. Or, choose full color process printing, which has great durability and vibrancy.

Our staff tester recommends this bag if you are looking for a large bag to be filled with clothing or something not too heavy, but cautions to double-check the bag dimensions against your needs.

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