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Bulletin Bag [.com] offers a hand-picked selection of custom reusable bags featuring a variety of colors, designs, and material choices for your unique brand identity. Our custom reusable bags are sold in bulk at price points to fit any budget. Bulletin Bag [.com] custom reusable bags comply with all CPSC and CPSIA guidelines for safety. Click for more information on custom reusable bag product safety.

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Five Great Uses for Insulated Grocery Bags (Nope, Shopping Isn’t One of Them!)

There are a bunch of reasons why clients love our insulated grocery bags. We are pretty sure that one of these reasons has to do with how their usefulness extends beyond the checkout line.

“Oh, come on. They’re grocery bags. Meant for grocery stores,” you say. “What else would you use them for?” Here are five great uses for insulated grocery bags—that don’t include grocery shopping:Continue reading

Top 10 Custom Reusable Bags of 2015

Clients ask us all the time, “What are your most popular reusable bags?” It’s hard to answer that question, because no two projects are alike. The perfect custom bag for one client may be completely wrong for another.

That said, there are certain bags each year that clients gravitate towards. This year’s list is somewhat different from last year’s (which you can see here), with some of our new bags making a big impression. Meanwhile some of our long-standing “tried and true” custom bags didn’t even make this year’s list! Here are our top 10 custom reusable bags of 2015: Continue reading