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Top 6 Best-Selling Custom Bags for College Students

bestseller_adAs we’ve mentioned before, we have lots of clients that work at our nation’s colleges and universities. In looking at product sales over the last week, not only did we discover some pretty cool trends with water bottles (read more here), but we also noticed that there is a similar gravitation in this industry towards certain bags—and they weren’t the ones we would have guessed!

Here are Bulletin Bag’s top six best-selling custom bags for college students! 

  1. PET Folding Carry All: This is one of our overall top-sellers across all industries, but we were surprised to see it top this one. The color selection, portability, and price combine to make a great bag that students just love to have!
  2. Little Thunder Grocery Tote:  This is a durable, classic grocery-type bag. Its reinforced handles and bottom insert ensure that students’ books will make it from dorm to class!
  3. Drawstring Latitudes Foldaway Shopper: This is one of three folding bags that made our top 6 list. College students love having compact folding bags at their disposal for whatever comes along unexpectedly! This one’s thicker than the others and folds into an integrated corner pouch.
  4. Made in USA Cotton Canvas Bag: Made in the USA items are popular among sustainability departments, but it can be hard to find products that work with a limited budget. This bag is large, rugged, and is less expensive than you may expect!
  5. T-Shirt Bag with Pocket: This bag has a high-perceived value and folds small for easy storage. It’s bigger than it looks and easily travels around town for unexpected stops at the store!
  6. Two Tone Laminated Shopping Bag: This bag is styled after the popular Lululemon reusable bags, and retail-inspired items are always a hit. The laminated material and size combine with on-trend styling to make a bag that students love.

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