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Living and Breathing Custom Reusable Bags: 10 Years at Bulletin Bag [.com]

Ten Years Later: Jennifer Christensen and Suzette Bergeron

In September, Jennifer Christensen celebrated ten years of working at Future Bulletins (parent company to Bulletin Bag). We recently sat down with her to find out more about custom reusable bags, her job, and the future.

Future Bulletins: So, ten years! How does it feel?

Jennifer Christensen: It’s just so hard to believe, actually! The company is growing and changing so fast. I really have to stop and think about all that’s happened in the past decade!

FB: What exactly do you do, anyway?

JC: Ha ha. Like my title says, Everything! I run the marketing programs and manage our search engine optimization efforts. That ensures that our clients can find us when they’re searching google (or other search engines) for reusable bags. I also manage the content on our websites and handle some product development. I help out with sales when we’re really busy. Oh, and sometimes I answer the phones 🙂 So yeah, everything.

FB: Your work pretty much revolves around custom reusable bags and custom water bottles (at Bulletin Bottle [.com]. How has your job changed you?

JC: Wow. Great question. When Bulletin Bag [.com] started, I was NOT into reusable bags. Suzette (Bergeron, owner of Future Bulletins), however, had been using them for a long time. I couldn’t figure out how to remember my bags, how to clean up my dog’s poop, and really just what the big deal was. But I made the switch because you have to lead by example. And you know what? I found ways to clean up poop, remember my bags, and consider the environment. AND, reusable bags are easier to carry and hold more than plastic anyway.

I’ve always carried reusable water bottles. Really the only thing that’s changed about that is now I’m really picky about my bottles. I do a lot of product testing and I definitely have bias towards Tritan bottles with straws. Love them.

FB: Many cities and towns are charging for plastic bags, or eliminating them completely. What do you think about that?

JC: I obviously think it’s a great idea, but I am probably more educated about the topic than your average grocery store customer. South Portland, where I live, just passed a plastic bag ordinance. The key to success, I think, is education. Consumers need to really understand the environmental reasoning for the legislation to buy into a shift in thinking and change their shopping habits.

FB: So, what’s your prediction for the next 10 years of custom reusable bags?

JC: If I knew that, I’d be rich! I do think that organizations that use custom reusable bags as a marketing vehicle will continue to see campaign and fundraising success for a long time to come. I am just thankful to be along for the ride!

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