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Tag Archives: Printing Ideas

Election Campaign Promotional Products: Reusable Bags Stand Out!

Election Campaign Promotional ProductsEven though Election Day is more than a year away, the Presidential race is already in full swing. The heat is on and candidates know they need to cut through the clutter and be top of mind—starting NOW.

More than ever, reusable grocery bags make stand-out election campaign promotional products! Plastic bag bans are increasing nationwide, and candidates that demonstrate a commitment to the environment by distributing reusable bags can be seen in a more favorable light by many. Plus, the large imprint area that most reusable bags have make a great canvas for campaign messaging. Continue reading

Customized Bags: Experience Outweighs Price

Customized BagsAbout a month ago, we lost a bid by $250 for 30,000 customized bags. The client was focused strictly on the bottom line and didn’t take into consideration the experience (or lack thereof) of the lowest bidder.

Last week, their bag project fell apart. The vendor they chose couldn’t meet their deadline after all, and they turned to us for help. A month ago, we could have easily accommodated them, but at that point they had to either rush the order or forego the project.  Continue reading

Top Ten Customized Reusable Bags of 2014

Customized Reusable BagsOur customized reusable bags are designed to be custom. Unique. Different. Because no two projects are created equally. However, in 2014, time and again our clients gravitated towards the same reusable bags to put their messaging on.

Like each project, these bags each have unique characteristics. However, they share one commonality: they are decidedly the most popular customized reusable bags of 2014.


Continue reading

Product Review: Extra Large Insulated Grocery Bag

Extra Large Insulated Grocery BagIf you are looking for an extra large insulated grocery bag, then we have the perfect bag for you! Our Jumbo Insulated Recycled Grocery Bag is HUGE! As the name implies, its made from recycled PET and is perfect for catering companies, restaurants and bakeries, delivery services, and markets that need a bag that will hold boxes or many items, while keeping them cold and fresh! It would also be a great alternative to a hard-sided cooler for picnics and the beach.

Continue reading

Our Custom Water Bottle Division is All New!

bbottle_for_fbOur custom water bottle division, Bulletin Bottle [.com], is all new! We’ve been working hard over the past six months to redesign it, and we hope we’ve made it easier to navigate.

Here are five things (out of a ton!) that we love about the new site (if you’ve spent any time at Bulletin Bag [.com] in the past year, you’ll notice some similarities!): Continue reading

Want an Insulated Reusable Bag at a Great Price? Our Therm-o-Tote Fits the Bill

Therm-o-Tote insulated reusable bagWe love the insulated, durable Therm-o-Tote. Seriously. It’s such a great bag that you would think it would come at a higher price.

The Therm-o-tote is constructed in a similar fashion to our Big Thunder Grocery Tote. Both feature 100 gsm nonwoven polypropylene for strength and full wraparound handles for durability. Both also have a bottom insert.

Pair all of that with an insulated lining, and you have a great bag for grocery shopping, picnics, the beach—or anywhere you need to keep food or drink warm or cold. Our staff reviewer uses the Therm-o-Tote insulated reusable bag for all of the above! Just don’t forget to wash it inside-out in warm, soapy water or spray the inside and wipe it down.