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Election Campaign Promotional Products: Reusable Bags Stand Out!

Election Campaign Promotional ProductsEven though Election Day is more than a year away, the Presidential race is already in full swing. The heat is on and candidates know they need to cut through the clutter and be top of mind—starting NOW.

More than ever, reusable grocery bags make stand-out election campaign promotional products! Plastic bag bans are increasing nationwide, and candidates that demonstrate a commitment to the environment by distributing reusable bags can be seen in a more favorable light by many. Plus, the large imprint area that most reusable bags have make a great canvas for campaign messaging.

Bulletin Bag [.com] is proud to offer a selection of American made bags that are perfect for political campaign giveaways. Made in the USA bags are a great way to demonstrate your commitment to job creation, and constituents feel good about buying USA made bags –and are often willing to pay more to do so. Looking for union made bags? Bulletin Bag offers two union made reusable bags as well!

Large imprint for messaging? Check. Useful item? Check. Perfect election campaign promotional products? Yes!

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