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Shopping for Custom Reusable Bags? A Hint of What’s Coming

UnknownAre you currently in the market for custom reusable bags now, or were you a client in the past? Well we have a sneak-peek for you. A tease, if you will.

We have a custom water bottle division, Bulletin Bottle [.com], and its new website just launched! Why do you care about that? Because the same clean, mobile-friendly look is on its way to Bulletin Bag [.com]! We tried hard to bring over some long-standing design elements–the same elements you see when shopping for custom reusable bags–making the site new and familiar at once.

We can’t wait to launch an easier way for you to find reusable bags! In the meantime, let us know what you like, don’t like, or want to see in the future on Bulletin Bag [.com]. We’d love to hear from you!

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