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Can I hold fundraisers with reusable bags?

There are a few different ways schools and nonprofit organizations hold fundraisers with reusable bags:

1. We offer many different bags that can be printed with your logo/artwork and resold in your community, and we offer special pricing for schools and nonprofits on almost all of our reusable bags at second column quantites. Bags can be purchased in advance and resold at school events and through friends/family.

2. Some clients create a simple order form to pre-sell bags—and then order just what is needed.  We can provide you with a sketch of the bag with your logo on it that can be used on the form.  Bag quantities are then tallied, ordered in bulk and distributed when they are received.  The minimum order on most of our bags is 100 pieces.

3. If you’d like to earn even more profit on your fundraiser, some clients have had success by selling ‘advertising spot(s)’ on their bags to local businesses.  The organization(s) have their logos printed on the same or opposite side as your logo to offset the initial cost of acquiring the bags. 

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