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Best-selling Reusable Bags On Sale Through End of Year

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that reusable bags are popping up everywhere as an eco-friendly marketing vehicle. What better way to increase awareness of your organization than to put your branding on reusable grocery bags for everyone to see…over and over and over again?

So, if you’ve been on the fence about purchasing custom printed reusable grocery bags, we have the perfect opportunity for you: our two most popular reusable bags, the Big Thunder and Little Thunder, are on sale for the remainder of 2010! Made from durable, 100 GSM polypropylene, they feature wrap-around handles and roomy gussets (with bottom inserts for extra stability), and come in nine popular colors.

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Reusable Bags Are Tops at Trade Shows!

According to a recent study by Nexus Collections, reusable bags are the most effective way to promote your brand at a conference or event. Twenty-three percent of respondents selected conference bags as the promotional item that created the biggest exposure.

bag presser005Longevity may have a lot to do with it: by investing in reusable bags as tradeshow giveaways, you gain loads of exposure at the event—not to mention the residual effect by the bags’ reuse after the conference is over. Your logo or message on a custom printed reusable bag is akin to a walking billboard, providing impressions every time it’s used.

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Washington DC Plastic Bag Fee Working

The Washington DC disposable bag fee we told you about has been in effect for two months now, and we thought we’d write a quick follow up. As people adjust to the new five-cent fee, shoppers are assembling a wardrobe of bags that are functional, fashionable or both. They are getting used to bringing their own, even if they have to rush back to their cars to retrieve them. Many are buying reusable bags at store registers.

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Wal Mart Shows Its Green Side

walmartbagsWal-Mart’s greening up three of its Northern California stores. According to The Sacramento Bee, the move is part of an experiment to ease customers into the bring-your-own-bag habit as the huge retailer attempts to reduce its global waste. If they forget bags, they can buy reusable bags from Wal-Mart in two sizes, for 15 cents and 50 cents. The company is also training checkers on how to fill reusable bags to capacity.

The effort is part of the company’s Plastic Bag Initiative, which aims to reduce plastic bag waste at its stores worldwide 33% by 2013. The company says the effort would help it avoid producing 290,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases and prevent the consumption of 678,000 barrels of oil every year.

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Attention Maine Retailers and Grocers: We Have Your Bags!

Bulletin Bag [.com], a Maine-based supplier of custom printed reusable totes and bags, is proud to offer official “Got Your Bags Maine” reusable shopping bags!

If you are a Maine retailer who already sells reusable bags (or is considering selling reusable bags), join Got Your Bags Maine in promoting awareness and single-use paper and plastic bag reduction in Maine. For a limited time, Bulletin Bag [.com] is offering some of our favorite reusable bags at reduced pricing for Maine retailers and grocers.

Bags feature the official Got Your Bags Maine logo on one side of the bag, and you can choose to add your store logo or custom messaging to the other side. Choose from one of these great bags currently on special:






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DC Disposable Bag Fee Awareness Campaign Kicks Off

dc_bag_campaignWhen everyone is on the same page, great things happen. This summer, Washington D.C. created a 5-cent disposable bag fee, aimed at keeping trash out of the city’s waterways. Starting January 1, 2010, businesses selling food and alcohol will charge five cents for disposable plastic OR paper bags. That money will go to the newly created Anacostia River Cleanup and Protection Fund, which will be used to remove trash from the river.

The fee is the first in the country to apply to both plastic and paper bags. The awareness campaign, called “Skip the Bag, Save the River,” launched yesterday. Before the new law goes into effect, the D.C. Department of the Environment will distribute at least 100,000 free, reusable bags to D.C. residents, mainly seniors and low-income residents.

The beige and blue bags feature the slogan “Skip the Bag, Save the River.” The city is also planning an advertising campaign to promote the reusable bags, which it will finance using the fees it collects. About $3.6 million in tax revenue is expected in the program’s first year.

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Maine Is Going Reusable!

n173685420364_7373On Monday, the Maine Merchants Association announced the “Got Your Bags, Maine?” initiative to encourage increased reusable bag use. Following a resolution passed by the Legislature last Spring, Maine Merchants Association, Maine Grocers Association the state Chamber of Commerce, Natural Resources Council of Maine and a growing number of Maine retailers and grocers have joined forces after being brought together over the summer by the Maine State Planning Office. The public education and outreach effort is aimed at encouraging Mainers to increase the usage of reusable bags for shopping and decrease the use of single use paper and plastic bags.

“The kick off of this campaign is a monumental achievement and we are thrilled to see the state of Maine taking leadership on this issue….” says Suzette Bergeron, owner of Bulletin Bag [.com] based in southern Maine.  We first got involved in Maine’s campaign against wasteful paper and plastic when former Representative Ted Koffman put forth a bill to put a fee on paper and plastic in 2007.

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Jump on The Movement!

cvs_greenbagtagStill not convinced you’ll see a great ROI on a custom-logo shopping bag promotion?  The last week has seen corporate giants reverse their stance on reusable bags and further their dedication to green by offering incentives to the end users for remembering their bags—meaning now’s the perfect time to be proven wrong.

Westport is the first town in Connecticut to ban plastic bags, which has resulted in a 70 percent increase in people bringing their reusable bags since the ban has been in effect. One of the sponsoring representatives of the bill, Liz Milwe, was quoted in the NY Times as saying, “The greatest thing that happened was after the six-month period was over, Stop & Shop, who originally opposed the ban, had people clapping when customers remembered their reusable bags.” Way to put aside your opposition to see the forest for the trees, so to speak!

Jeffrey Weiser, another of the four sponsors estimates 600,000 fewer plastic bags have been used since the ban started. Under the new regulation, the town can impose a $150 fine on businesses that distribute plastic bags.

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Why Reusable Bags are Great Promotional Vehicles in Tough Economic Times

bmthundercv2Let’s face it: times are tough. You need to spend marketing dollars to get sales, but you need sales to fund your marketing budget.  For a relatively inexpensive promotion with maximum staying-power, look to reusable bags. Custom logoed reusable bags are the perfect promotional vehicle for our tight economy.

For starters, you can’t beat the targeted marketing. The person buying, receiving, and using the bag is usually the person who does the majority of the shopping and therefore the person makes the majority of the household buying decisions.  From which bank, a mortgage broker or insurance company the family uses; to which hair salon they frequent, to which brands and stores they are loyal to – this is a powerful demographic! Reusable bag advertising allows you to put your company name and message directly in the hands of the person of this person — and keep it there until they are ready to do business with you.

Reusable bags are used an average of one time a week and likely remain visible in the car and in the home when not in use.  Most people will keep–and use–the bag for 5 years or more. What other imprinted promotional product can consistently claim that longevity? Added bonus: using a reusable bag saves an average of 12-16 plastic carryout bags per week.

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Reusable bags allow retailers to be remembered long after the shopping is done

Reusable bags giveaways are a great way to increase your company’s visibility at shows, festivals, and public events. Since most people will make the most of a free reusable bag—no matter what is custom imprinted on it—your logo will find its way to other public venues and stay top of mind with who sees it (a good reason for an eye-catching imprint)!

dolphin-giveaways tip2Can you imagine handing your message to 8,000 captive recipients? Hilton Dinner is co-owner of the Bon Ton Bakery in Edmonton. Over the last year, he’s given away 8,000 reusable grocery bags as part of celebrations for the bakery’s 50th anniversary. On top of reducing the number of plastic bags the bakery gives away, Dinner’s business is also powered by wind.

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