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Five Things to Look for When Shopping for Insulated Grocery Bags

Insulated grocery bags continue to be among our best-selling type of bag. This is partially due to the rise in fresh food delivery and grocery delivery companies—two recent entrants into an industry once reserved for traditional take-out and delivery services offered only by restaurants.

This increased demand has caused a new wave of innovation in this once sleepy category. New styles, sizes, closures, and customizations mean more options than ever!

What should you look for when shopping for insulated grocery bags for your project? There are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Size. Kind of a no-brainer (and also kind of not!). If you’re project calls for insulated bags for recipients to use in whatever way they see fit, you really only need to pay attention to whether it’s a grocery-size or lunch-size bag. However, if your project calls for bags that will fit something specific, like a take-out container, take special note of ALL the dimensions, and get a sample to test out.
  2. Budget. This one should probably be number one! Make sure you’re shopping within your means. Nonwoven polypropylene insulated bags are generally more cost effective than laminated, which are more cost effective than dye sublimated polyester. Get it?
  3. Closure. How does the bag shut? Is there a lid with a flap? Zipper? Velcro? Does it matter? Maybe not…but if size is of concern, you should definitely take a closer look. For example, our Therm-o-Tote and our Therm-o-Super Tote are the same dimensions, but the latter has a lid with a 3-side zip, making the overall volume much larger. Some of our insulated grocery bags can be customized to meet the specific needs of your project.
  4. Construction. Your material and construction options are largely determined by your budget. If you’re looking for a wipe-clean exterior, look at laminated or tarpaulin—both more costly than nonwoven polypropylene. Some of our lower-priced bags have nice touches like reinforced handles and bottom inserts, so it’s definitely worth considering ALL of your wants and needs before deciding on a product. This is a major reason why we offer samples on our bags prior to ordering. We want you to know exactly what you’re ordering—and be happy with that choice!
  5. Artwork. Seems like a small detail, but it’s huge if it doesn’t work out the way you envision! If all of the above weren’t enough, you also need to pay close attention to how the insulated grocery bag will handle your artwork. Do you have more than one color in your design? Some bags can only support one color printing. Is your logo really wide and not very tall? Some bags have tall, narrow imprint areas (to fit between handles, for example), so your logo would print teeny tiny on those bags. Don’t overlook the imprint dimensions when you’re looking at other details on the bag.

If reading this only made you more confused, don’t worry! We’re here to help you find the perfect bag for your project, and we’re well versed in all of the above. Don’t forget, we also have access to other insulated grocery bags that might not be on our website. So if you saw something you are in love with, shoot us an email with a link and we’ll track it down!

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