Reusable Lunch Bags Staff Review: Snack Tote vs. Insulated Therm-o-Snack

We offer lots of reusable lunch bags to print your logo on. For the most part, it’s fairly easy to spot the differences between them (material, shape, size, etc). However, we have two bags—the Snack Tote and the Insulated Therm-o-Snack—that seem pretty similar on the surface. In this staff review, we explain the differences so you can decide which is the better fit for your organization’s needs. 

Snack Tote Reusable Lunch Bag Our Snack Tote has some really great features! It’s bigger than the name implies, which makes it ideal for a day at the beach, running errands, a picnic, or drinks and snacks for a sporting event. You can fit two tall bottles in the interior bottle holders and tons of other snacks and drinks in the middle. If you don’t need the bottle holders, just push them to the side and fill it up! The exterior pockets of the Snack Tote add even more storage options and come in handy for anything you don’t need to keep cold like water bottles, crackers, or silverware.

Insulated Therm-o-Snack Reusable Lunch BagThe Insulated Therm-o-Snack is a perfect bag for everyday use. It’s large enough to fit a big lunch and drink, but small enough to carry easily (or even tuck inside another bag). It, too, features side pockets for anything you don’t need or want inside. At 8” x 12”, it seems on paper to be only slightly smaller than the Snack Tote (which is 9” x 14”), but in person, you definitely notice the difference in storage capacity. Like the Snack Tote, it has a roomy 7″ gusset.

These two reusable lunch bags are very durable. They both have bottom inserts, dual reinforced handles, and zipper closures. The biggest problem is figuring out which one to get!


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