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What to Do With Old Reusable Bags? Make Furniture!

Here’s a new spin on a reduce, reuse, and recycle contest. Coles Supermarkets in Australia is giving primary schools the chance to win furniture—while encouraging children to be environmentally friendly.

Coles Supermarkets are collecting old and unwanted reusable shopping bags for recycling as part of a two-week bag drive. The chain will accept any polypropylene bags—including shopping bags from other retailers and give-away bags from conferences and exhibitions.

The collected bags will be recycled into outdoor furniture. Primary schools can enter to win the unique furniture by describing what the school is doing to help the environment. The best 100 examples of school recycling and reuse will receive outdoor furniture made from reusable grocery bags.

This initiative is a way to avoid creating more landfill rubbish. By recovering the plastic and turning it into outdoor furniture for primary schools, supporters are hoping future generations of youth will see the benefits of recycling first hand.

We love the idea of program and would love to see something similar in the US. Our only question is…why is the program only two weeks long? It should be an ongoing, never ending initiative—worldwide.

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