Bulletin Bag features a hand-picked selection of custom reusable shopping bags. Our bags come in a variety of colors, designs, and materials to pair with your unique brand identity. Our custom shopping bags are sold in bulk at price points to fit any budget. Bulletin Bag custom bags comply with all CPSC and CPSIA guidelines for safety. Click for more information on custom bag product safety.

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Banning the Ban That Encourages Reusable Shopping Bags?

Did you hear the one about the law banning the law banning the bag? Seriously, it’s a thing (in Minnesota, at least). But don’t worry, as some retailers are rewarding those stalwart citizens who bring reusable shopping bags anyway! It all started last year. Minneapolis city council passed an ordinance banning plastic bags, as may other countries, cities, and states worldwide have done over the past several years. That ordinance, which should have started on June 1, 2017, set the wheels in motion for affected retailers. Note the use of the words “should have”. Continue reading

Reusable Insulated Grocery Bags: Perfect for Summer Promos!

Considering a bag project that WOWS? Summer is the perfect time to consider reusable insulated grocery bags! If they’re not on your radar, you HAVE to take another look. They’ll keep foods (and beverages) cool for much longer than their non-insulated counterparts. Sure, they’re pricier, but they’re totally worth it—especially for hot-weather promos. It’s pretty much guaranteed that your recipients will 1) not throw away their new bag, 2) carry it everywhere, and 3) love you for doing a branding project with their new favorite bag. And, when you buy them in bulk, the price is even lower, stretching your marketing moolah to the max! Continue reading