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Earth Month Reflections: Could You Lead A Plastic-Free Life?

Cotton Tote BagYou may have read the title of this blog and immediately thought “no way”. In today’s world, this seems like an almost impossible task, and one that many people may think is not worth it. All you have to do is start thinking about commonly used items to realize that plastic is everywhere. Whether its single-use or reusable, plastic has become a pillar of our society. So how do you even start living a life that’s free of plastic? As we approach Earth Day, let’s talk about ways we can make influential change on an individual level.

When discussing sustainability, a lot of people say that corporations are responsible for most of the pollution and destruction of our world, so it’s pointless to talk about individual sustainability because we don’t make a difference. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Yes, large corporations who are careless with their practices are responsible for environmental damage, but individuals hold a lot more power than we might think. We have the ability to create change from the ground up, by voting with our dollar and prioritizing the health of our families and our planet! Every big movement started with individuals. Think of all the materials that would be sitting in landfills if individuals didn’t recycle. The composting programs that save thousands of pounds of food waste from ending up in landfills …started by individuals. Big trends that we are seeing in our world were started by individuals; the move away from fast fashion towards thrifted and sustainable brands, reusable bags and water bottles, plant-centered eating trends, and more. The people are powerful!Plastic free bags

With that said, reducing plastic consumption on an individual level is important and impactful! This may seem like a huge undertaking, and in some ways it is. Like we mentioned before, plastic is everywhere. There are plastic water bottles, soda bottles, Ziploc bags, utensils, food containers, shopping bags, condiment bottles, cosmetic packaging, food packaging and more found in our routine every single day. From our toothpaste to our ketchup, we’re exposed to plastic a lot more than we might realize. But finding ways to reduce or eliminate plastic in our lives means we are helping heal the planet and also reducing our exposure to chemicals commonly found in plastics.

Here are some steps to take if you’re looking to reduce your plastic consumption:Cotton Produce Bag

– No new plastic. Make it a point to opt for things at the grocery store that come in glass or cardboard packaging, instead of plastic. Or even better, find the bulk food section and use reusable produce bags like this one: Cotton Mesh Market Bag

– Take a look at your kitchen and bathroom (these are the biggest plastic culprits) and start getting rid of plastic containers that you can live without. If it doesn’t make sense to get rid of it quite yet, then don’t! This can be a gradual process.

– Practice patience with yourself as you navigate this new opportunity. Once you start trying to avoid plastic, you’ll see it everywhere! Sometimes it’s difficult or nearly impossible to avoid, so do the best you can and know that every step you take is making a difference!

If you’re looking to create a plastic-free custom promotional bag this season, we have lots of options to help you do just that. We have bags made with cotton, hemp jute, organic cotton, recycled cotton and more. You can search our site’s products by material to help narrow down your search. Or reach out to our team today to get your project started!

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – Native American saying

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