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5 Easy Swaps to Live More Sustainably with Custom Reusable Bags

Custom reusable bagsIn recent years, we’ve seen the rise of “green” products as more and more people begin to prioritize sustainability in their lives. Reusable items, like custom reusable bags, are a great way to incorporate sustainability into our daily habits. As we know, climate change has only escalated over recent years, so taking action on a personal level is more important than ever! For those wanting to make more sustainable choices in their own life and home, here are some easy swaps you can utilize today!

1. Switch from plastic bags to reusable bags. In a lot of states, this has already been mandated! A lot of grocery stores and retail stores have had to switch from plastic bags to paper bags, which is an amazing win for sustainability! Whether your grocery store is using plastic or paper bags, using reusable bags helps lower the demand for single-use bags. Shop some of our favorites here.

2. Swap out plastic produce bags for reusable ones, or use no bags at all! A lot of produce items don’t necessarily need to be put into their own produce bag while shopping. Don’t be afraid to place your produce right into your cart, and wash it once you get home. Produce with thick skin like bananas and avocados don’t need a bag, as you’ll be peeling the skin off to eat it anyway! We love this Mesh Produce Bulk Bag for grocery shopping.Reusable produce bag

3. Swap out single-use paper products for reusable ones. Things like paper napkins and paper towels can be very wasteful when we use them every day. Try using cloth napkins and small dish towels in place of paper napkins and paper towels. An easy way to do this is to keep a small bin underneath your kitchen sink. After using your cloth napkins or dish towels, throw them into the bin to keep until you do your next load of laundry. This will soon become second nature and normal practice that you don’t think twice about!

4. Buy bulk at the grocery store when you can. Nowadays, most grocery stores have an impressive bulk section filled with a wide variety of different foods. Bringing your own bags or containers to fill up with your favorite beans, grains, nuts, seeds, and more is a great way to reduce our waste. You can also buy non-food items in bulk as well, like cleaning supplies!

5. Eat more plant foods. Swapping meat and dairy for plant foods (local when possible) is a fantastic way to reduce your footprint. Plant foods are inherently more sustainable than animal products as they require significantly less resources to produce. Eat your veggies!

We hope this helps you incorporate more sustainable habits into your daily life. All of the small changes that we prioritize each day really add up. Shop our sites for a host of different reusable products to help you along your journey!

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