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Prioritize Sustainability with Reusable Bags

Summer is in full swing, which means hot (and for our team here in Maine…humid) days are here to stay. Nicer weather means that more people will be adventuring outside and enjoying the fresh air. People will be taking their drinks, snacks, and outdoor essentials on the go with them outside, meaning that they’ll be using a bag when packing up for the day or grabbing a bag at the store when they pick up their essentials. But what kind of bag are they reaching for? Unfortunately, for many it’s still a single-use plastic bag rather than reusable bags. Continue reading

Celebrate Artist Appreciation Month with Custom Bags!

Did you know that August is American Artist Appreciation Month?! It is celebrated across the United States to honor the great artists that have contributed to our society throughout our history, and to also shed light on the artists of today. Art is an important part of culture, and it’s a reflection of the human condition, emotions, and ambitions. It’s a creative and meaningful way to express so much! There are a lot of different kinds of artists out there, from the full-time professionals to the first-time beginners, but each one should be celebrated and encouraged to put their art into the world! Custom bags help do just that. Continue reading

Canada Schedules Single-Use Plastics Ban

reusable bagsOver the last decade or so, we have seen consumer trends and priorities shift heavily towards sustainability. Environmental groups have urged government officials across the globe to prioritize sustainable practices on every level as climate change continues to be one of the biggest threats current and future generations. Although this measure has moved slowly at the government level due to a variety of reasons, progress has continued to be made over time. One concrete step towards a more sustainable future has come from Canada, as they publicly schedule a ban on popular single-use plastics to take place over the next few years. This is a huge undertaking and will hopefully result in reduced waste across the country! Continue reading

Clean Beaches Week: Head to the Beach with Custom Reusable Bags!

clean beaches weekClean Beaches Week is July 1-7! It’s an entire week every year that is dedicated to celebrating our beautiful beaches and highlighting the importance of keeping them clean. Here in Maine (where our team is headquartered) we have some absolutely gorgeous beaches, so this idea hits close to home! Every time I step foot on a beach, I’m reminded just how incredible planet Earth is and how lucky I live where I do.  Continue reading

Our Staff’s Favorite Bag Products!

Custom Cotton ToteAt Bulletin Brands, every single product you see on our sites has been hand-selected by our knowledgeable staff and personally tested to ensure quality and function of each product. You read that right! This means we have intimate knowledge of each product because believe it or not, we use them in our own homes! At a recent staff training, we each shared what some of our favorite products were, and why we loved them. Let’s see what everyone had to say! Continue reading

Custom Promotional Products: The Key to Engaging Remote Employees

custom promotional productsIt’s been over 2 years since the pandemic started (how crazy is that?!) when millions of people were sent home from the office and began working from home. What started as a temporary measure that people thought would last a few days or weeks, has become a long-term or even permanent change for many companies. A study by Owl Labs showed that 62% of people aged 22 to 65 claim to work remotely at least occasionally. What does this mean for businesses? It means that hiring teams and managers are met with a new set of challenges when trying to foster a strong team culture. How do you engage with employees outside of the office to make them feel valued and seen? How do you create a strong company culture and instill the company’s values virtually instead of in-person? Answer: custom promotional products! Continue reading

Custom Laminated Bags: Our Top Picks!

Custom Laminated BagsThere are a lot of options out there when it comes to reusable bags. From cotton totes to insulated cooler bags, there’s a lot browse through to find the perfect bag for your project. More often than not, it’s a laminated bag that you see in almost everyone’s cart at the grocery store. When you think of the standard reusable grocery bag, Custom laminated bags are the type of bag you’re probably thinking of. These big tote bags are the ultimate transportation device for any and all purposes. We can all agree these bags are cute and functional, and they’re not limited to one style!

With so many options on the market, how do you choose? It gets overwhelming trying to find the right bag to fit your needs, so we’re here to help make that process easier. Read along as we introduce you to some of our favorite (and best-selling) custom laminated bags and what we use them for.
Continue reading

Client Highlights: Recent Custom Bags We Love!

custom reusable bagWe work with a lot of amazing people and organizations who have great ideas, and we are lucky enough to help them bring those ideas to life! From insulated bags to small pouches and everything in between, we love seeing the different ways people customize these products! We want to take a minute to highlight some recent client projects we’ve completed lately; in case you need some inspiration for your next custom bag! (Plus, it gives us a chance to show off some amazing projects!) We know it can be helpful to see these products ‘out in the wild’ so to speak rather than a picture on a website. We hope these custom bags help spark inspiration for your next project! Continue reading

Let’s Talk Promotional Backpacks!

promotional backpacksSummer is here and it is finally time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine! There are a lot of fun ideas for marketing projects and events during the summertime, and it can be difficult to narrow down on the perfect promotional item for your organization or event. One type of bag that we think is perfect for the upcoming months and is often overlooked: promotional backpacks! These bags are incredibly versatile, they come in a variety of different styles, and they’re sure to showcase your brand perfectly. Continue reading

Celebrate 4th of July with Custom USA Made Bags!

USA Made bagsThere are a lot of fun events to look forward to this summer. No matter what occasion you are celebrating, we have the perfect custom bag for you! One of the most popular summer events is of course the 4th of July! Customized merchandise like bags and bottles is perfect for pool parties, grill outs, picnics and more. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with custom USA made bags! Support American jobs and union workers while offering a quality customized bag to your guests! Let’s check out some of our favorites. Continue reading