Insulated Tote Bags

What are insulated tote bags? Sometimes you need a big bag for lots of food, like when you’re heading to the market or an all-day eating event (like a beach day). And sometimes you need a small insulated bag, like for your lunch or some snacks. But, what about those in-between times—a grocery bag leaves way too much space, while a lunch bag doesn’t leave enough. Enter insulated tote bags! The bags in this category fill in that gray area. Perhaps the styles are different than what you’d bring to the market, but they will serve a purpose just the same and your recipients will find reasons to use the bag that they never realized they needed! With drawstring closures, interesting features (like pockets), and different dimensions, you’re sure to find the insulated tote bags that are right for your needs, branding, and budget!

Looking for larger insulated bags? Be sure to check out our custom insulated grocery bags!

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Large Insulated Tarpaulin Bag

Large Insulated Tarpaulin Bag

Item #: 14BWBACT18
As low as: $19.89

Minimum 20 pcs.
Includes one color logo.

USA Made Dye Sublimated Cooler

USA Made Dye Sublimated Cooler

Item #: 50BR249D
As low as: $21.91

Minimum 50 pcs.
Includes full color logo.

Product is Made in USA Full Color Printing is Available