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What’s The Price of Single-Use Plastic?

Single-use plasticSingle-use plastic is a phrase that you may or may not know. In an age where convenience and accessibility are some of the most important things to add functionality and comfort to our lives, we have to ask ourselves; what is the price?

Single-use plastic are any plastic products that are used once and then thrown away. Chip bags, grocery bags, and coffee cups and straws are some common examples of single-use plastics that we come across every day. These plastic products serve their purpose and then they are discarded. We don’t think about what happens to our waste after we throw it away, but we don’t realize that the cycle eventually catches back up to us.

Most often it is in the form of microplastics. These microscopic pieces of plastic infiltrate our water and the animals who inhabit them. While microscopic to the human eye research shows that invisible particles can have serious problems to our health and the health of our environment. It is important that bans against single-use plastics are implemented like how the State of Maine plans to do this upcoming July. Regulations on a state and federal level are a positive step towards healing our environment, but we are also seeing change socially.

There has been a collective movement towards sustainability in recent years that has helped many people see and make small changes to their lifestyles. We are coming together to stop a problem that could soon spiral out of hand and take charge in positive changes on a small scale. During a time of uncertainty, we as a community have come together to reflect on what are values are and what makes us better humans. This change in thought has helped drive a passion to create a world where everyone and everything can benefit positively.

At Bulletin Brands we are proud of the positive changes we are implementing in order to preserve the natural beauty and awe of our environment. Our passion towards environmental sustainability and small-scale change is one of our main focuses as a business. We are proud of our focus on sustainability while also not sacrificing quality or design. Our company promotes being environmentally friendly as a way to improve and push you towards being closer with nature and the community you live in.

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