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Vendor Highlight: Supporting Those Affected in Ukraine

ukraineWe work with really great vendors between our three sites, and over the years we have cultivated close relationships with them to ensure high standards for the products we offer. We know how important it is to work with vendors who have the same values we do and who take pride in their work. We hand pick every single product on our site because of this! With a lot going on in the world, we wanted to highlight some great things our vendors are doing and how they’re showcasing their values by helping those affected in Ukraine.

One of the vendors we work with closely has donated $125,000 to four different organizations helping Ukraine. These organizations are Save the Children, Corporate Aid for Ukraine, the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, and Doctors Without Borders. To shop their products, click here.

Their donations have also helped with another project. In collaboration with PromoCares through their Compassion Over Competition program, the group has brought many brands together to create a limited edition Ukraine4Good T-shirt included with a minimum $50 donation to Save the Children’s Ukraine aid. The T-shirt has already raised $50,000!

Another partner of ours is teaming up with the company Blank2Branded to donate blankets and bags to be distributed in refugee centers in Kiev, Ukraine and Rzeszow, Poland. To shop their products, click here.

We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some great projects and how you can further support their ongoing efforts. We’re proud to work with vendors who prioritize important causes and humanitarian efforts. Although donations and humanitarian projects don’t diminish the pain and destruction caused by war, it is the hope that they can help alleviate a small amount of struggling. If there is an organization that you’d like to highlight who is helping those affected in Ukraine, feel free to comment their information here for others to see.

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