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Custom Lululemon Bags: Manifesto Designs or Artwork?

Custom Lululemon Bags with Manifesto
Our orthodontics client created their own dental manifesto design!

It used to be that the iconic Luluemon bags were exclusive to the brand. But, manifesto designs aren’t just for Lululemon bags anymore! Do you have a lot to say? Want to shout and whisper at the same time? Designing custom Lululemon bags with your organizations messaging as a manifesto could be the perfect option!

Our custom Lululemon bags have grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years, and the super-creative ways our clients promote their organizations with these bags has become inspiring!

Make no mistake: these bags aren’t solely for manifestos, or word cloud-type layouts. From one color to stunning photography, two colors to vibrant artwork, our clients’ creativity shows in every bag. Continue reading

New Insulated Grocery Bag Features Unique Styling and Maximum Flexibility!

Insulated Drawstring ToteAny custom insulated grocery bag fits the bill for a useful, practical giveaway or promotion. This holds especially true for our newest addition to this category. You’ve probably never seen an insulated bag quite like this before!

Joining together the utility of an insulated tote with the convenience of a cinchpack, our Insulated Drawstring Tote is unlike our other thermal bags. Its unique V-shaped gusset makes storing easy, as it lays fairly flat when not in use. The generous size ensures that most everything you need for a day on the boat, beach, (or grocery store!) can fit inside. Continue reading