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New Insulated Grocery Bag Features Unique Styling and Maximum Flexibility!

Insulated Drawstring ToteAny custom insulated grocery bag fits the bill for a useful, practical giveaway or promotion. This holds especially true for our newest addition to this category. You’ve probably never seen an insulated bag quite like this before!

Joining together the utility of an insulated tote with the convenience of a cinchpack, our Insulated Drawstring Tote is unlike our other thermal bags. Its unique V-shaped gusset makes storing easy, as it lays fairly flat when not in use. The generous size ensures that most everything you need for a day on the boat, beach, (or grocery store!) can fit inside.

It can be frustrating when you load up our other insulated bags with food and the contents peek out over the top. That means the bag 1) won’t be able to close all the way, allowing cold to escape and decreasing the effectiveness of the insulation or 2) you need to remove items. Neither of these scenarios are ideal. The Insulated Drawstring Tote gives you more flexibility in your packing because the tote cinches shut with a secure drawstring closure.

This bag also has a handy front pocket and two elastic side pockets—great for utensils, napkins, sunscreen, car keys, phone…really anything you want to keep away from your food but still within easy access.

If you’re looking for something different and super-useful to recipients, this tote is worth a look. Any insulated grocery bag, whether t’s this one or a bag with more traditional styling, is always in season!

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